The Swedish Snowboarders to look out for in 2021
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The Swedish Snowboarders to look out for in 2022

Give them a follow, and keep them in mind. They might be the next big thing in the Snowboarding hall of fame
Written by Tim Larsson
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Cody Bramwell

This man needs little introduction as he made his way onto the big leagues when qualifying for the Freeride world tour two seasons ago. Cody has since then made his presence felt as he, in his usual style, goes way bigger than most! Being a bit conservative on his first season, his words - not ours, he still managed to pull off the first-ever snowboard gap over the famous ravine in Fieberbrunn. Cody's second season on tour, he set out to win, and that did show in his riding! He managed his first win in Andorra and a third-place overall by going bigger, taking more risk, and riding even faster down the face. Proving that he has what it takes to compete at the absolute highest echelon in freeriding!
In the fourth episode of Hungry Swedes, Cody Bramwell shows he has what it takes to keep up with some of the best Swedish skiers out there.
Skiing · 10 min
Hungry Swedes Ep. 4

Mille Kåhrström

While only at the age of 13, this young powerhouse of a snowboarder shows park prowess like few we have seen before! Always out training in his home park outside Härnösand or traveling around Sweden to compete, train, and spread as much as possible! While not only gifted in the art of sliding sideways, Mille recorded a cover of a rock n roll tune to match his riding in his latest edit!
This summer, he has been throwing down dub 12's on the airbag training jump in Kläppen alongside the likes of Sven Thorgren. If he continues to progress at this speed, we should start seeing Mille on the world stage quite soon! If you want to follow along with the future of Swedish snowboarding, look no further!

Johan Rosén aka. Traktoroff

Let's face it, while we do have a particular love for our home, Sweden, the snow conditions on an average day are not the best. This Swedish snowboarder emigrated to the land of eternal powder, pillows, and sleds, more specifically, to Revelstoke, BC, Canada. Johan spends his days shredding deep powder, building big backcountry kickers, and filming, both in front and behind the camera, for big films like Absinthe, 12 000km, and his own films. Make sure to give him a follow to get you daily dose of powder!

William Mathisen

The youngster hailing from Sälen is already a long way into his career, competing and studying. Currently studying at the national Snowboard gymnasium in Sälen, combining school with snowboarding, this young buck's growth potential is immense.
Skiing · 2 min
Unrailistic Invitational - GoPro Highlight Edit
William was invited to come and shred Jesper Tjäders dream park in spring 2021, and you can see parts of him in the highlights movie!
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