Jesper Tjäder - The Game Show - Fire hoop
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Jesper Tjäder's ski edits are not like anything you've ever seen before

It's all about world-firsts and mad creations when freeskier Jesper Tjäder lets loose in front of the camera. Get blown away by the Swede's imagination and skills in these six ski videos.
Written by Hanna Jonsson
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The mind of freeskier Jesper Tjäder works in a mysterious and marvelous way, creating edits jam-packed with tricks that most could never even imagine in the first place. Yet, Tjäder's dream world is very much reality as he takes ideas from his drawing board and immortalises them on camera, blowing up the internet one ski video at a time.
From insane rail creations and massive gaps to fire hoops and world records - check out some of his wildest creations below!


3 min

Jesper Tjader's Unrailistic edit

If you think you've seen everything possible on rails - think again. This is nuts.

Unrealistic ideas are just that. That is until Jesper Tjäder goes and makes them Unrailistic. This state-of-the-art ski edit blew the internet to pieces when it was released back in 2015, and is equally as impressive in today's terms. A video lightyears ahead of its time.

Japanese Game Show

13 min

Jesper Tjäder's Game Show

Rail skier Jesper Tjäder tackles an obstacle course inspired by classic Japanese game shows.

English +2

Ever watched a Japanese game show? Of course you have. But have you ever seen a Swede on skis participate? This edit is a glimpse into Tjäder's crazy imagination and out-of-this-world skills - an edit that has to be seen to be believed.

World's longest rail on skis

9 min

The world’s longest rail

Watch Olympic freeski medallist Jesper Tjäder set a new world record by completing the world’s longest rail.

Creating mesmerising out-of-this-world ski edits isn't enough for Tjäder who wants to prove, once and for all, who really is the King of ski rails. In the spring of 2022, he sets out to attempt to break the world record of the longest ski grind on a rail. With spring slush and heavy winds closing in, will he manage to do it in time?

Unrailistic 2.0

3 min

Unrailistic 2.0

This year freeski ace Jesper Tjäder is back with new trick ideas and creative, never-before-seen features.


After the huge success of Unrailistic, Jesper still had a lot more tricks written down in his book that he wanted to try. So in the autumn of 2019, he dropped its sequel, Unrailistic 2.0, an edit that once again completely reshaped the definition of what is possible on a set of skis.

Jesper's Forest: The tree run

2 min

Jesper Tjäder GoPro tree run

Watch Jesper Tjäder relaxing in his backyard.

You don't need big rail parks and expensive setups to go out and have fun. Tjäder shows you just how far you get with an axe, some summer-time preparations and a wild imagination in this short but sweet edit.

The huge double backflip gap

This is the video that made the whole ski world sit up and take notice. Who is this mad talented Swede sending an impossible double? Jesper Tjäder of course.

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