Sweden vs Belarus
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KUNG narrowly beaten in the World Final Knockout Round

Swedens Red Bull Campus Clutch representatives fought their way valiantly to the finals in the World Final Knockout Round but narrowly missed out on the top spot to Belarus. Here's a summary.
Written by Joakim Henningson
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After dominating in the Swedish Qualifiers and Final, Sweden started brightly in the European Knock Out Stages, reaching the World Final Knockout Round. Ultimately, Belarus proved to be too big of an obstacle for the Swedes as they lost 0-2 in a Best of 3. Belarus, who now are one of the top favorites to take home the entire competition, consequently became the champions of the Europe North region and will play in the International World Finals in Spain.
Check out KUNG's efforts 👇 in the World Final Knockout Round (11:35:00 - 12:49:00)
If you don't want to check out the matches live (in the link above), here's a quick summary of Sweden's proceedings in the Knock Out Stages:
The quarterfinals saw Sweden play against Poland. Even though the Poles started the first match with spring in their steps, the Swedes soon showed their quality and could win easily with 13-6. The next match in the Best of 3 proved that Sweden were the superior team as the Poles didn't stand a chance from round 1. 13-5. A comfortable victory. Sweden through to the semifinals.
In the semifinals leading up to the Europe North finals, Sweden met the highly hyped Lithuanian team in an incredibly tight matchup. Lithuania, favored by many to challenge for the World title, came in to the Bo3 with confidence - which also showed in the first match. The Lithuanians took control of the early game, leading heavily after the first 10 rounds. However Sweden, the masters of comebacks, took it to overtime and narrowly won with 14-12. The next match was as tight as the first one, the two teams equally hungry for the win. In the end, the Swedes wanted it more and won deservedly with 13-11. On the Europe North finals!
The Europe North Finals. Sweden vs Belarus. Two teams eager for the World Finals in Madrid. As with Lithuania, Belarus are by many considered to be title contenders. With star players such as Simond4rk and Smartseven - both famous in the Valorant community. The matchup was tighter than anyone expected. The first match featured the map Haven, Belarus' pick. It was evident that the Belarusians had well-thought-out strategies, which saw them take an early rounds lead. However, the Swedes rallied under an excellent Supmah to take the game level. But, to no avail. The Belarusians were simply too strong in the late game as they won with 13-8.
If the first match was exciting, the second was a real nail-biter. Played on the map Icebox, known for its randomness, anything could happen. It was incredibly tight, which saw both countries taking turns winning rounds. In the end it was Belarus' day which saw them win with 13-9, much thanks to Simond4rk's excellent and consistent early frags in each round, giving a slight advantage to Belarus in every encounter. Fair play to both teams - and congratulations to Belarus for qualifying to the World Finals!
I have no words. We are extremely proud to represent our country in the World Finals. It feels unbelievable.
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