Meet Kayane, the queen of fighters

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Written by Jon Partridge
We speak with the French femme fatale about fighting games and training in Japan.
Marie-Laure Norindr, AKA Kayane, has risen to fame as one of the most successful female fighting game players in the world, with a Guinness World Record to her name for her button bashing skills, and even a gig presenting a French gaming TV show. Fortunate? Sure. But as any Street Fighter expert will tell you, timing and skills are everything. As Kayane tells Red Bull in this exclusive video interview, it’s mostly down to hard work.
If you’re a French TV viewer, you might recognise the Paris-born Kayane from her TV show called Game One e-Sports. But you probably know the 23-year old better as one of the world’s top Street Fighter IV and SoulCalibur players. Dubbed 'the queen of fighters' by French magazine Le Point, Kayane has notched up plenty of podium finishes over her career, with 48 being the number recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for her title as the “Most Successful Female SoulCalibur Player” between 2002 and 2012.
In this behind the scenes documentary, we chat to the young player about her training time in Japan, how she’s been playing fighting games since she was just nine years old, what’s next for the record holder and her future ambitions.
“I came here to train in the country of fighting games, so Japan is the best place to train with many many strong players. Coming to Japan to train means a lot to me, because Japanese players here are perfectionists. They’re very inspiring to me to train even more.”
Top-level Street Fighter III champ, Jo "MOV" Egami, and Eita, another one of the world's best Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom players, also weigh in on the queen of fighters. Tap play to see what she’s planning next.
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