Here are the 12 finalists for Red Bull Nästa Nivå

© Amanda Nilsson
Written by Calle Dernulf
With more than 500 contributions to this year's Red Bull Nästa Nivå and more than 8.000 web votes, 12 finalists are now selected by this year's mentors Dree Low, Fricky, Guleed and Jelassi.
Once again, we have been impressed by the quality of all the submissions to Red Bull Nästa Nivå x New Black. Big thanks for the dedication and all the thousands of web votes.
On Saturday the 15th of February a final audition will be held in Stockholm where the 12 remaining talents will fight for the four desirable places which means a week in Cape Town with studio time and mentorship of Sweden's hip hop elite.
The four talents that got the most web votes were; Croall - Malmö, Deniece Ignacio - Gothenburg, Mick C - Öckerö and Alicious from Uppsala.
The other eight artists getting ready to impress this year's mentors are; Abdiraxiim - Umeå, B Baby - Gothenburg, Celéste - Stockholm, Daniel Luna - Stockholm, Demogxrgxn - Kävlinge, Felicia - Helsingborg, Lejon - Malmö, Kabiri - Malmö.
Saturday's audition will be decisive for which four talents are selected for the trip to South Africa in March. While there they will spend time in the studio and learn from their mentor.
At the audition Dree Low, Fricky, Guleed and Jelassi will see how the talents act on stage and then make a decision.
Here's some more info about the amazing mentors this year. Here you find more stuff about what Red Bull Nästa Nivå is all about.