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A quick guide to the 8 characters in Apex Legends

Whether you like dishing out tons of damage, tank and lead the line or support your allies, Apex Legends surely has the right character for you. This guide will help you pick your favorite.
Written by Joakim Henningson
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Bangalore is the typical soldier-type badass who excel in straight up combat. If your forte is to focus on dealing damage, this girl is perfect for you. As with the other characters in the game, Bangalore has one tactical ability, one passive ability and one ultimate ability. The tactical ability is the Smoke Launcher. It fires a smoke canister that explode into a smoke cloud on impact, made for obstructing your opponents view. The passive ability is Double Time. This makes you sprint faster for a brief time when taking hits. The ultimate is Rolling Thunder, which grant you the ability to call in an artillery strike that slowly sweeps across the field.
Wraith has many similarities with the rogue-type character. She uses the void to get behind enemy lines and favors close combat in confined spaces. She is often the opportunist of the squad. Her tactical ability, Into the Void, lets you reposition through the void and avoid all damage towards you. The passive ability, Voices from the Void, lets you know when danger approaches. Wraiths ultimate ability is Dimensional Rift, which links two portals together across the map for 60 seconds, letting your whole squad through. Perfect for escaping a gnarly situation, or, get the drop on your enemies.
Mirage is the trickster who uses illusions and disappearing acts to confuse your opponents. If you want to play the part of the deceiver, Mirage is the one to go for. His tactical ability is Psyche Out. This ability creates a holographic decoy to confuse your enemies. His passive ability is Encore! which, when knocked out, automatically drops a decoy and cloak you for 5 seconds. Mirage’s ultimate, Vanishing Act, drops several decoys and makes you cloaked. As with Wraith, this ultimate is perfect for getting out of hairy situations or drop a surprise on your enemies.
Apex Legends
Apex Legends
Caustic is a more defensive minded character than the aforementioned. He excels in damage-over-time to kill your enemies. With his abilities, he can trap opponents if they are camping inside a house, letting your allies get into advantageous positions to finish them off. His tactical ability, Nox Gas Trap, drops canisters filled with poisonous gas when triggered by your enemies. The passive ability, Nox Vision, allows you to see enemies when they are in the gas. Caustics ultimate is Nox Gas Grenade, which covers a huge area with poison gas.
Gibraltar is the straight-out tank of the group of characters. His main role is to soak up damage so your allies can focus on other things. If you want to be the protector of your squad, Gibraltar is your man. His tactical ability is Dome of Protection. This ability makes you drop a shield that negates all incoming and outgoing attacks for 15 seconds. The passive ability, Gun Shield, pop up when you're aiming down your sight, a shield will materialize and blocks incoming fire. Gibraltars ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, lets you call in an airstrike on a marked position.
Pathfinder is the scout of the squad. He can operate behind enemy lines or flank your opponents. His tactical ability is the Grappling Hook, which enables Pathfinder to easily maneuver the map with his, you guessed it, grappling hook. His passive ability, Insider Knowledge, is a scan that’ll show you the ring's next location with help of a survey beacon. His ultimate is a fun one: the Zipline Gun creates a zipline that can be used by everyone. The most prominent use of the zipline is to help your squad to easily navigate the map and get them to favorable positions. In the meta though, the zipline have also been used to “bait” your enemies into an ambush.
Apex Legends
Apex Legends
Just as the name suggests, Lifeline is the healer of the squad. One of the most basic roles in most multiplayer games, the healer is an important member of any team. If saving your squads life is your thing, Lifeline is the one to go for. Her tactical ability, D.O.C Heal Drone, calls down a Drone of Compassion to heal nearby allies over time. The passive ability Combat Medic enables you to revive knocked out allies faster while in the cover of a shield. Also, healing items are used 25 % faster. Lifelines ultimate is Care Package. This ability calls down a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear. Lifeline is all about supporting your allies. This allows her to be in the center of the squad and primarily focuses on keeping them alive.
This guy is all about tracking down your opponents. Most similar to a hunter-type class, Bloodhound focuses on anticipating and locating where your opponents are. His tactical ability Eye of the Allfather lets you briefly see any hidden enemies, traps and clues around you. The passive ability, Tracker, allows you to see enemy activity such as footsteps, door uses, kills and damage taken or items/weapons picked up, that has occurred within the last 60 seconds. Bloodhounds ultimate is Beast of the Hunt. When activated, you move 25 % faster and highlights your enemies in a red glow. Used as your squads informator, whether you play aggressively or defensively, the advantages of knowing where your opponents are, is always important.
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