Participants compete at the Red Bull Soapbox Race in City of San Marino, San Marino on 26 June, 2022.
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Soapbox Race

Red Bull Lådbilsrally is coming to Stockholm: here’s all you need to know

Sweden’s craziest drivers tackle the streets of Stockholm in the most imaginative homebuilt racers on August 21st. This is one huge spectacle you don’t want to miss!
Written by Hanna Jonsson
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Did you just spot two eggs driving down the street in a frying pan? Was it followed by two monkeys in a banana? Don’t worry, you haven’t lost the plot. It’s only Red Bull Lådbilsrally that’s rolled into town.
This is not your average soap box race, where the fastest car wins. No, Red Bull Lådbilsrally could be the most exciting and hilarious non-motorised car race in the world. 21 teams fight for glory by building some of the strangest four-wheel racer creations, in which they then have to race down a specially-built obstacle course whilst simultaneously entertaining the crowds and judges.
Participants perform during the Red Bull Box Cart Race in Tokyo, Japan on October 6, 2019
Expect the unexpected
Make sure to get yourself over to Münchenbryggeriet on August 21st at 13.00 to watch the madness unfold or watch it live over on Red Bull Sweden’s TikTok. This is one crazy car race you don’t want to miss.

What is Red Bull Lådbilsrally?

It could be the most exciting soapbox race in the world. At least if you ask us. Red Bull Lådbilsrally, or Soapbox as it’s also known as, consists of a bunch of amateur teams who build and race in homemade racer cars powered by nothing more than gravity and leg muscles. No engines in sight. Teams not only have to make it from start to finish on the technical obstacle course in one piece, but they also have to wow the crowds, and an almighty panel of judges, with a startling show. In the end, the team with the most creative racer car, memorable show and on-track driving skills takes the win.

So, this is a world wide phenomenon?

Yes of course. Mad constructions and crazy drivers can be found in all corners of the world. Red Bull Soapbox has been around since 2000 when the first race was held in Belgium. Since then it has touched down in more countries than we can remember.

When and where can I watch the Swedish Lådbilsrally?

Mark 13.00 CEST on August 21st in your calendars. The race starts at Münchenbryggeriet on Södermalm in Stockholm from where the hay bay-built obstacle course shoots down the streets in a mishmash of strange features and tricky corners. Anywhere along the track will provide exciting action as there are plenty of crash-inducing features the drivers have to tackle before the finish line.
Not in Stockholm? No worries, the event will also be live-streamed on our TikTok channel.
Participant competes at the Red Bull Soapbox Race in City of San Marino, San Marino on 26 June, 2022.
Will the drivers make it to the finish line? No one knows...
Participants perform at the Red Bull Soapbox Race, 2019 , Kaunas, Lithuania on 15 September
Some soapbox racing Minions spotted in Lithuania

Do I have to buy a ticket to watch the event?

No tickets needed - anyone can come watch. Just line up somewhere along the course and be prepared for some top notch non-motorised car racing entertainment.
Supporters cheer for their team during the Red Bull Soapbox Race in City of San Marino, San Marino on June 26, 2022
Italian fans enjoying the show at a race earlier this year

I’m confused, what do the competing teams have to do exactly?

Each team starts by performing a pre-race show at the start line. The designated drivers then jump in the racer whilst the rest of the team gives them a startline push. Using gravity the drivers then have to maneuver the car down the obstacle course without crashing. Each team gets judged on three things: their creativity, driving performance and, of course, how well they entertain the crowds.
Participant is seen during the Red Bull Box Cart Race in Tokyo, Japan on October 6, 2019
How about this for a start-line show?

What kind of cars can I expect to see?

Dig deep into your imagination. Then dig a little further. That’s the kind of crazy constructions you can expect to see flying past you on the street. Check out the Swedish teams and their car designs here.

Will there be crashes?

Ha. Try watching this video and we’re pretty sure you will get the extent of it.

2 min

Top 10 Red Bull Soapbox Crashes

Best of Red Bull Soap Box Race, Top 10 crashes.


How have a I missed this? Has the event been in Sweden before?

Yes, but don’t worry. It’s been a while since a purple octopus was spotted driving down the streets of Stockholm. About 11 years ago in fact, in 2011, when Red Bull Lådbillsrally last came to the capital city.
Team 'Arms of love' in action at the Red Bull Soap Box Race in Stockholm, Sweden on July 3rd 2011
Will there be an octopus on the streets of Stockholm again? Come find out!