Red Bull MEO Season 3 World Finals for Hearthstone and PUBG Mobile
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Meet your Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3 Hearthstone and PUBG Mobile champions

After two days of incredible competition we recap how the Hearthstone and PUBG Mobile Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3 World Finals went down.
Written by Adam Cook and Pieter Van Hulst
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Over 20,000 entrants from across the world have been whittled down to a mere handful and now Red Bull M.E.O. is back for the Season 3 World Finals to determine just who the best mobile gamers on the planet really are. The Hearthstone and PUBG Mobile (East) World Finals took place this past weekend and we’re here to remind you of the biggest plays and ultimate winners of the prestigious tournaments.
With competitors from 28 countries battling it out over 11 months of competition, it doesn’t get much bigger than this, but don’t forget there’s more to come as the Teamfight Tactics World Final is happening on March 27, with the PUBG Mobile (West) finals happening on March 29. For now though, the battlegrounds have been drawn, so let’s find out who took first place.

Hearthstone Season 3 World Finals

The eventual final competitors didn’t have the easiest route to the closing stages. The first of the best-of-five matches saw Alessandro ‘Shura’ Ladisa and his Rogue deck manage a tight 3-2 series victory over Lucien ‘TheRabbin’ Ding, before beating Tomas Dailidonis 3-1, who was in form after a 3-0 quarter final win. Meanwhile Achileas ‘Aomine’ Lamprakis took a 3-2 win over Jetrom, then found his stride with a 3-0 win over Dreivo, who eventually finished in third place with a 3-2 win over Tomas.
Shura had been playing well, with his style essentially to pick the four best standard decks, and he started the final with a Paladin deck. On the other hand Aomine began with a tough Priest hand and no real way to gain a foothold on the board, with removal cards in abundance but no way to actually challenge.
After an incredibly tense final series, the scores were tied at 2-2 between Shura and Aomine. With Shura lagging well behind in the final game he even pulled a Shadowstep card when it was the last thing he needed. It seemed as though Shura had used all of his luck early on with amazing Paladin card-draws and when it ran out in the final game he had no real alternative left but to leave Aomine, who'd played patiently all match, as champion.

PUBG Mobile Season 3 World Finals

The PUBG Mobile East Season 3 finals meanwhile started off with an absolutely dominating round from KOUT. Based in Kuwait, KOUT racked up a staggering 16 kills on the first map. The first map finished around the military base, which KOUT seemed to have planned for with a brilliant 2-2 split across two cliffs. In the final circle, they used a smoke grenade as cover while picking off enemy players that dared to aim a gun towards them. Their aggressive playstyle overwhelmed the competition and immediately made them the team to beat going into the rest of the rounds.
Other than KOUT, Morph also showed that they were hungry for a victory. They placed very well in most of the rounds, only dropping out of the top 10 once, in the third round. This might have cost them the trophy, because in that same round they also didn’t get any kills, which would have helped so much on the scoreboard side.
KOUT's domination was the story of the M.E.O. PUBG Season 3 World Finals (East); they racked up the most amount of kills in the first round of the tournament, but didn’t slouch after a great opener. In the third round, they once again racked up 13 kills through careful positioning and team play. They clearly had answers for almost every end game and their in-game leader communicated enemy positions efficiently.
The battle between Morph and KOUT went the distance into the sixth map of the finals. KOUT had the clear advantage, but Morph could catch up if they just racked up enough kills and placed well. In the final moments of the game, KOUT got wiped by an unlucky circle and a beautiful spray by the Japanese Blue Bees. However, due to an unlucky circle for Morph, they could only heal and wait for the zone to kill them. Morph’s demise meant that there were no contestants left that had a score close enough to overtake KOUT, leaving them the victors after a very exciting finals.