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It's time to discover the worlds most iconic ski resorts in a format never seen before.
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Are you tired of researching yearly snow conditions of random resorts to know where to score in Switzerland? Sick of not knowing the average price on beers in France? Slightly irritated about not knowing what the vibe is like in classic Canadian ski resorts?
Finding a spot to spend a season can be as easy as finding a boot that fits
Finding a spot to spend a season can be as easy as finding a boot that fits

Yes, you are. And so are we. But that's all about to change.

How? Well, let's start it this way: Our Christmas present to all Snow lovers for 2020 is nothing less than a grand tour all around the globe to discover five iconic ski resorts and even more iconic skiers!
Dive into five different iconic ski resorts and get to know the epic characters residing there!
We'll give you the do's, we'll provide you the don'ts, but more importantly, we'll be giving you an overdose of joyful skiing!
Season Pass is an all-inclusive experience of what it's like to visit five of the world's most iconic ski resorts. Our guide Fabian Omne will take you around the globe during five episodes in a stoked hunt for pow, parties, and good people.
We  have searched, and we have found.
We have searched, and we have found.
The purpose of the show is all about having good times, and if this gift can help you out on picking a spot that can deliver just that to you and your friends, our goal is achieved.

But wait!

We're aware of the world's current situation, and we're aware that going hunting for pow around the world might not be an option right now. But soon enough, we hope that the world will go back to what it once was and that you will keep the tips provided in this show in the back of your mind when the time comes - because it surely will! And until then, your next best option after going skiing on your local hill could be mind-traveling with the help of Season Pass.

So, where are we going?

Let's start at the other side of the pond, in the deep forests of British Columbia, Canada.


A place known for its epic pow, but most of all for its iconic pillows. Revelstoke is internationally renowned as a go-to spot for big film companies to shoot their most significant and badest segments on gnarly pillows. Despite the big media-hype, Revelstoke is still a very peaceful and slumbering town, and not at all built up around skiing in the same way big resorts in Europe are. Prepare for massive snowfalls, brace for visiting a proper seasonal crib, and make sure to bring a snack, because the local legend will surely tempt you with an authentic Canadian culinary experience (Yes, maple syrup will be included).
You'll also get to tag along to Rogers Pass - a mecca for pillow skiing and an iconic area that is being cared for by Parks Canada that daily oversees the park. If you're going here - don't miss out on Rogers Pass, but most importantly: Don't miss out on obtaining a ticket to enter the park which is a must-have for all visitors. More info on the Winter Permit System can be found here.
Freeskiing · 16 min
Season Pass S01E01: Revelstoke


For our next mission, we'll be sweeping the mountainsides clear from all the trees and replace them with the most treacherous peaks in Europe. We will also swap the maple syrup for baguettes.
In Chamonix, you will have a hard time finding anyone skiing without a harness, and you'll have an even harder time keeping up with the local groms who won't back off on throwing a double backflip on the third run for the day. European freeskier of the year, Nikolai Schirmer, and the future of freeskiing, Max Palm, will show us around the steeps, the playful side hits, and the epic party scene.
Freeskiing · 16 min
Season Pass S01E02: Chamonix


The third stop of our journey takes us to yet another country. A country where trains are always on time, and the smell of cheese fondue is never more than a stone-throw away. It's time to learn more about the most famous mountain in the area, the Bec des Rosses, where competitors on the World Tour yearly throw themselves down to take home the crown. The Bec is gnarly in daylight, but we will be taking it on by night. We will also take on skiing with four riders from the tour. Some younger, some older, but they all have one thing in common: They love Verbier.
Freeskiing · 17 min
Season Pass S01E03: Verbier


The last episode from southern Europe takes place in the outskirts of the alps. Engelberg is not known for its party-scene at all. But anyone who has ever read a ski magazine undoubtedly laid eyes on stunning pictures from Engelberg, whether they realize it or not. It is the go-to for some of the best ski photographers in Europe, and the hub for Scandinavians who wants nothing more than to go to bed early, just so that they can go ski even earlier. Tag along as we'll follow professional photographer Oskar Enander with crew to hunt down good pow for landing the next cover. Or as they call it: Work.
Freeskiing · 15 min
Season Pass S01E04: Engelberg


We have left the pow, the winter, and the alps' narrow roads in favor of Sweden's biggest ski resort: Åre.
It might be a small mountain, the runs might be short, and the snow might be dumping in way fewer amounts than all the other resorts visited in this show. But describing the locals of Åre as anything else than stoked above measurement is an understatement. Kristofer Turdell takes us touring along with Carl Regnér. Jesper Tjäder is hiking the Snowpark to pursue the next never-been-done trick, and a rowdy gang of wildmen is camping out in the wild, rappelling into micro-epic runs and sleeping in snow caves.
Freeskiing · 23 min
Season Pass S01E05: Åre

So, who is this show for?

To tell you the truth: It's not at all about the extreme, the pow, or going the biggest. Season Pass is here in order to give anyone who has, are currently, or want to do, a season amongst friends and parties. Show it to your friends, your old skibumming parents, or watch it with your homies who 'just don't get why you choose to go to the mountains when winter comes'.
"Look at these fools, going skiing and shit, looks so stupid!"
"Look at these fools, going skiing and shit, looks so stupid!"

We wish all of you a safe holiday, a snow-filled christmas, and an all-out epic redemption for winter 2021, where will we find you?

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