Does this place make you as giddy as Martin Söderström? Because it should.

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Foam pits, airbags, trampolines and a Ninja Warrior course - Martin Söderström gets so giddy on Dome Adrenaline Zone opening day that he gets his head stuck in a feature...
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Last weekend the Dome Adrenaline Zone opened up its doors to the masses and first in line was no other than Slopestyle extraordinaire Martin Söderström. “This is such a game changer for the extreme sport community in Sweden” he said as he went to check out the different rooms, grinning from ear to ear. The 6000 sqm big indoor park has three different rooms with foam pits, airbags, a street park, trampolines and a Ninja Warrior course, to name a few, as well as a canteen, shop and rental area. 
Martin went slightly crazy and decided to try it all – check out his video from opening day as he sends tricks into the airbag, rides the street park and don’t miss him trying out the Ninja Warrior course. He might just get his head stuck half way through… Let’s just say, he should probably stick to mountain biking, haha.
These airbags are insane. You think it's going to absorb you, but then you just land and ride away. Maybe we can have these as landings at competitions in the future, and we don't have to break our bones - haha.
Martin Söderström
Nowadays you can do tricks into an airbag...
Nowadays you can do tricks into an airbag...
... and then ride it out!
... and then ride it out!
Check out some of the other activities you can do at The Dome:
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