Oscar Härnström in Kisa MTB Park.
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Explore some of Sweden’s best MTB riding in Swede Shreds season 2

Explore eight new MTB spots together with a bunch of sick Swedish riders in the second season of Swede Shreds.
Written by Hanna Jonsson
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From the rocky trail riding and dirt jump scene in Gothenburg to a brand new bike park in Kisa. Downhill-mecca's such as Järvsö, Åre and now Bygdsiljum, plus the world-class indoor facilities in Dome Adrenaline Zone... Welcome to season 2 of Swede Shreds!
Back with a brand new season, this 4-part web series visits eight different riding locations in Sweden to explore its trails together with local athletes and trail builders who make up the scene.
Tag along with presenter and mountain biker Hanna Jonsson as she travels south to north and explores everything from enduro riding and downhill to dirt jumps and World Championships tracks. From brand new bike parks to some of Scandinavia’s oldest trails, season two is jam-packed with sick riding, pro athletes and lots and lots of good times.
Check out all four episodes below and hit the link in each section for a more detailed story about places and people. Enjoy!


MTB · 12 min
Swede Shreds S2E1: Göteborg's sickest MTB trails
Can you get good gravity riding in the middle of a huge city? That is a question we set out to find the answer to in this first episode. From technical trail riding to massive freeride lines and some of Sweden’s best dirt jumping, it’s safe to say that Göteborg’s gravity scene really is something else.
In episode one we get to tag along with Gothenburg locals Johanna Küchler, part-owner of MTB Store, and Simon Johansson, one of Sweden’s best free riders as we start off in Lackarebäck. A centrally located forest where mountain bikers have hung out for almost 20 years. Gravity riding has always been the main focus around here and the trails are technical and full of rocks.
Moving onto Bollekollen, a small bike park located about a 30-minute drive outside of the city centre. But the bike park itself is not actually why we are here. No, we are here to get an exclusive first-hand look at Simon’s latest trail building project. A huge line with 3-meter high berms and 8-meter long Slopestyle jumps, that when finished, might just be the biggest freeride line in Sweden.
Finally, we check in with some of Göteborg’s most high-flying riders in a spot that has seen whole generations of riders come and go. Kallebäcksdirten is one of Sweden’s best dirt jump spots and is home to all kinds of riders - youngsters and oldies, enduro, dirt and slopestyle riders.
  • Spots: Lackarebäck, Bollekollen & Kallebäcksdirten
  • Trails: Larssons, Staffans Störtlopp, Matilda & HHHRs baksida (Lackarebäck)
  • Riders/Trail builders: Johanna Küchler, Simon Johansson, Christian Bengtsson, Simon Gustavsson, Felix Törnqvist, Helena Lemström, Oscar Bengtsson, Felix Törnqvist.


MTB · 12 min
Swede Shreds S2E2: Sick downhill riding in Kisa MTB Park
How long does it take to build a bike park from scratch? Well, three months if you ask Oscar Härnström and his crew at Kisa MTB Park. But it does include insanely long hours, no off-days and a lot of dedication.
In late 2020, freerider Oscar and his girlfriend Beatrice Johansson decided to leave Åre behind and buy a ski hill in the southeast parts of Sweden in order to transform it into a brand new bike park. A dream project for Oscar who has raced both downhill world cups and enjoys more extreme events like Red Bull Hardline. Now, he and his brother Hampus Quist is reshaping Kisa’s old ski slopes into a playground for mountain bikes - from easy beginner trails to some really, really big lines.
Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes when building a bike park and catch a glimpse of just how awesome this park already has already become.
  • Spots: Kisa MTB Park
  • Trails: Goldmine, Old Guys Rule, Dirty Pamela, Squamish, Intense.
  • Riders/Trail builders: Oscar Härnström, Beatrice Johansson and Hampus Quist (and trial dog Cudo of course).


MTB · 13 min
Swede Shreds S2E3: Järvsö Downhill & Slopestyle madness in Dome
How do you maintain a bike park, what is it that attract riders to Järvsö and does Zakarias Johansen’s wheels ever touch the ground - these are all questions that will be answered in the first part of this episode.
Järvsö Bergscykelpark has cemented itself on the Swedish mountain bike scene and has grown into one of the most popular parks in Scandinavia. A place where both complete beginners and pros come to enjoy the well-shaped trails and friendly atmosphere. Together with professional Enduro rider Zakarias Johansen and Falu shredder Elina Davidsson, we explore some of the lesser-known trails on the backside of the hill and hit up the most technical trails in the park.
From one of the best facilities in Scandinavia to the next, Dome Adrenaline Zone is an indoor park for adrenaline sports with one of the world’s best jump setups. In here there is a huge ninja warrior course, climbing wall, trampoline park and a skate park. It also has a huge jump line setup with several different take-offs into a foam bit and a laudable airbag. And of course, that is what we are here to check out together with the highflying crew that is Emil Johansson, Alma Wiggberg, Lukas Skiöld and Ludvig Eriksson.
  • Spots: Järvsö Bergcykelpark and Dome Adrenaline Zone in Gävle
  • Trails: Enduro trail 1 & 2, Kristin & Itzy Bitzy
  • Riders/Trail builders: Zakarias Johansen, Elina Davidsson, Alexander Bäckvall, Alma Wiggberg, Emil Johansson, Lukas Skiöld, Ludvig Eriksson.


MTB · 13 min
Swede Shreds S2E4: Bygdsiljum Bike Park & DH World Champs 1999
In the season finale, we head further up north than any previous episode. Bygdsiljum Bike Park is located in-between Umeå and Skellefteå and is a real gem of a spot. Built and powered by a group of local volunteers this bike park has around eight different trails that range from easy flow to hairy downhills.
In this episode, we get to tag along with two proper Swedish downhill legends. Herman Ölund and Johan Engström competed in the downhill world cup back in the 90s and 2000s and have both had a huge influence on the Swedish downhill scene. In the late 90s Johan was one of the fastest riders in the world and a common site on world cup podiums. As for Herman, second cousin to Robin and Niklas Wallner, he was a huge influence to many Swedish riders in the 2000s and raced on the world cup circuit for a good 10 years.
And in the spirit of Swedish legends, we finish the season by throwing it back to one of the most iconic races in Swedish downhill. The 1999 World Championship in Åre Bike Park.
  • Spots: Bygdsiljum Bike Park and Åre Bike Park.
  • Trails: Moskito, SM-banan (Vittran), Rydbergs drop, RIP-branten, Flinbanan.
  • Riders/Trail builders: Herman Ölund, Johan Engström, Maria Hedberg, Petter Lennartsson.
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Emil Johansson

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