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5 pro Tekken 7 tips to guide you to victory

Tekken 7 is out now – get off to a great start with Justin 'King Jae' Nelson's top tips.
Written by Justin 'King Jae' Nelson
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Fighting game fans can look forward to competing in another eSports tournament. Following the release of Tekken 7 on June 2, players can battle in the Tekken World Tour, with events taking place in cities all over Europe, including VS Fighting, which takes place in Birmingham in August.
If you've just got Tekken 7 and would like to compete in tournaments in the future, we have some top tips from Tekken pro and streamer Justin 'King Jae' Nelson. He'll tell you how to get off to a great start, but also explain how to get into the right mindset.
As Justin says, "Tekken 7 is a great game and hopefully with the tutorials I provide for new players,  more people will come and play in future tournaments."

1. Practise your moves

Go to Practice mode and learn how to move around, at least 10 different moves, throws, and throw break.
Moving around is so important in Tekken because when you are being pressured by moves, you need to know when to move back and get out of pressure. Learning combos also helps and is a massive factor in a game like Tekken 7 due to the damage combos do.
Rage Art and Rage Drive are new features in Tekken 7 that add a dynamic camera angle to super moves. Most of them can be used in combos and can be a game changer with the amount of damage they do.
Power Crush moves absorb hits that are mid and high but does not absorb Rage Arts. If someone does a low hit move while you're doing a Power Crush move, their move will beat your Power Crush.
Also sidestepping annoying things like Akuma's fireball can be very useful to secure a win.
Learn how to sidestep Akuma's fireballs
Learn how to sidestep Akuma's fireballs

2. When should you use combos?

The movelist option shows five sample combos for people to get up to speed on learning stylish combos. Once you learn the combos, think about when it is convenient to use them in a match. Your opponent will try to play smart so don't go for them at the start of the match. Annoy your opponent with jabs and low hits and look for an opening to do big-damage combos.

3. Which character should you choose?

Find a character that you like – there's no point in picking a character that you can't gel with. Choosing one character in Tekken 7 and sticking with them will help you in the long run when finding out new setups or combos when you visit Practice mode.
If you're looking for beginner-friendly characters, be sure to try out Shaheen, Josie, Miguel, Bob, Paul, Asuka, Katerina and Feng. They are all good at jab pressure, poking and being annoying.

4. Learn from your mistakes

Losing is apart of growth. I have lost many times but gained knowledge that helped me become a better player. Think about why you lost and how you can do better. 
Sometimes you lose because you're too patient and don't do any moves or you didn't throw break well in the match. Take the information in and improve!
Justin competing in a Tekken tournament
Justin competing in a Tekken tournament

5. Have confidence in your ability

Be confident in yourself and the way you play the game. If you're confident, 90% of the time you play better. The other 10% is for being too overconfident – that can make you lose in a game like Tekken 7. Learning is a part of Tekken so don't feel down if you lose a lot at the start. It's all a part of the learning curve process.
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