The Tom Wheeler Project: The battle to ride again

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Written by Rajiv Desai
Losing the use of his right arm wasn't going to stop Tom Wheeler from riding his MTB again.
In the summer of 2011, mountain bike downhill rider Tom Wheeler has the world at his feet. An emerging young talent. However, a crash while out riding at Rheola, South Wales changed his life forever.
Tom suffered serious injuries to his arm and spine, subsequently losing the use of his right arm. However, Tom was determined to get back on a mountain bike and ride again, even with just one-hand.
Over the last 16 months, Tom has documented his journey back to getting on a bike with a series of web videos in collaboration with Eyesdown Films.
The Tom Wheeler Project, as the overall video series has been called, is an inspiring watch.
In the videos, Tom tells us about the crash, the immediate aftermath and the recovery from his injury. He also explains the challenges and emotions of getting back on a bike again to ride one-handed. A remarkable feat given his disability.
The last edit from Eyesdown, which can be watched above, sees Tom riding two handed for the first time with the aid of a mechanical arm brace that supports his right arm.
For a fuller picture of Tom's battle to ride again, make sure you watch the other video's in the series, which we include down below.