The pros goes on vacay!

This is what happens when pro skiers go on vacation

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How do pro skiers spend their time of? The world's biggest mystery - revealed
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In short: They spend vacays skiing the weirdest slopes they can find.
In short: They spend vacays skiing the weirdest slopes they can find.
Some say that the pro-life is the best life, some say that traveling wears you down, and others say nothing at all. Professional skiers' lives are well portrayed once their standing at the start gates, but we know little to nothing about what they do in-between. We say it's time to change that. We, the people, demand some clarity. That's why we, in January 2020 decided to call on the global 720th amendment.

720th global amendment:

The freedom of accessing information about an athlete's life in between big competitions. such as, but not limited to:
  • The right to know where they go skiing for pow
  • If they huck backflips daily
  • What they eat
  • If they grab first chair up every day
Kristofer, in transit.
Kristofer, in transit.
After completing the first stop of the Freeride World Tour in Japan, we met up with Kristofer Turdell, Jackie Paaso, and Reine Barkered at Calgary International Airport. The next competition is set to go off in Golden, British Columbia, which is just two weeks away. Instead of going home to Sweden, the gang decided to take the time to track the latest snowfall, which just so happens to be in the area... Ish.
Whitefish Ski Resort, Montana
Whitefish Ski Resort, Montana
They're headed for Montana. A state of the U.S that has more cows than people. Rumors of a resort called Whitefish, praised by legendary skier Tanner Hall, have raised eyebrows amongst the Swedish bunch. And in classic western fashion, they rented the biggest car they could find to cruise the vast plains towards the destination.
One happy family!
One happy family!
The mission? Undefined. Perhaps skiing pow, perhaps practicing on some new moves, perhaps just a good ol' vacation.

So, what's skiing on a day off with the world's best like?

To be honest, it's like any other day out on the slopes with friends and family. They aren't the first ones to be out, but they're not the last either. At 9:30 am, they're standing atop the slopes, ready to cruise down to wake the legs up. However, what sets pro skiers apart from regular Joe's is that 'waking the legs up' means straight-lining the steepest groomers they can find. Turning seems to be unnecessary, almost forbidden.

But What about the time outside of the slopes?

The hours between opening hours of lifts are spent hammering out e-mails, stretching, and coordinating strategies to surpass expectations from sponsors and cook healthy food. Kind of.
Let's be honest, they do slam in a lot of hours coordinating content, answering emails, and comparing previous comp-runs. The dinner-chats are interesting and entail every bit of ski chatter one can wish for. Old tales from the World Tour, who has the best style, where skiing is going, and confidential information on upcoming projects.

But frankly, they spend most of their time shredding, which is what they live for.

Tell them we're in Colorado!
Local in the chairlift
Whitefish Ski Resort is an awesome place for skiing, with easy access to great runs outside of the groomers. A great place, in short. Perhaps this is why the locals asked us to geotag the shots to appear as if they were taken in Colorado. Well, sorry for spoiling. Perhaps we can reset the Whitefish stoke-o-meter by dropping the fact that not only skiers share the local hill. This is one of the more bear-dense areas of North America, which is the kind of locals you don't want to share turns with on a pow-day.
"Any bears down this gulley?"
"Any bears down this gulley?"
As going abroad for ski holidays isn't possible right now, we hope that this article can serve as inspiration for what is sure to come: Open borders and massive dumps!
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