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Need a reason to dance this year? Here are 6

Some of us dance for fun, some to release or feel free and for many more reasons. However, it's undeniable that dance is good for us all and here are a few reasons why.
Written by Emmanuel AdelekunPublished on
Dance brings us a release and happiness in many forms, from moving freely, to teaching, sharing and more.
Yes, we see the best of the best performing in dance competitions at the highest level, having to deal with the pressure of the moment and pushing their bodies to display all the skills they've gained through years of training. Yes, we're wowed by dancers who are great performers, expressing the dedication to their art through stage shows, films, music videos and other forms that showcase their artistic talent.
The beauty of dance is that you don't need to be any of those things to enjoy doing it. Here are six reasons why just moving is good for your soul.
Victor poses for a portrait in Hakodate during the Red Bull Dance Tour in Japan on June 26, 2019.
Dance enables us to express ourselves just by movement

1. Dance is universal

The feeling of our bodies being urged to move by the rhythmic sound of music, or seeing someone perform a simple dance move that instantly inspires us is a unversial human trait.
Dance is a universal language, a worldwide human expression of release and joy through movement and there are so many moments, alone and shared, in which we dance simply because it's good for our souls.

2. Dance like no one is watching

Some people love to dance freely and wildly in the privacy of their own homes, not caring about form or technique, but simply wanting to let go and lose themselves in the flow of the music.
Angyil poses for a portrait during the Red Bull Dancers Tour in Tokyo, Japan on July 3, 2019.
Dance can help us through hardships

3. Dance can be therapy

For some people, dance is a form of therapy and release from stresses and problems, or simply to fill a lack of creativity in their daily routine. Whether it's in a club or bar, a classroom, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, people dance to let go and free themselves of whatever's weighing them down.

4. Dance is social

People love to get together and practise the latest dance moves. They might be doing it just for the fun of it or in preparation to later share their routine with the world on a social media platform.
Participants pose for a group photo during Red Bull Dance Your Style Tour in Johannesburg, South Africa on November 12, 2020.
The community is a strong aspect in all street dance styles

5. Dance is for all ages

Children learning how their bodies work start to bounce up and down instinctively when they hear music playing, jiving and rocking their bodies as they smile and laugh from the joy that the discovery of dance has introduced.
Likewise, the couple who dance together and share a moment, connected through unison movement. And those who get up and move when the right song is played proves that dancing has no age limit, only the joy of movement it brings.

6. It's contagious

Happiness through dance is contagious. All it takes is the right song from a DJ, or one person to get up and start dancing for a whole room to be inspired to move. There are also the dance moves and whole routines that have become forever famous, known and tried by everyone.
Sometimes we don't even need music to dance, just a song stuck in our head, a tune we hum or the simple desire to be able to perform a dance move we've seen and loved.
In its essence, dance is simply about moving for the joy of it – an inspired way to achieve release and happiness any time we feel in the mood to just dance.