Why you should be excited about Warcraft 3 Reforged

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Written by Joakim Henningson
The much beloved Warcraft 3 - creator of Dota and all the MOBA games that came after - is going to have a major resurge with Warcraft 3 Reforged. The beta is out and this is why you should be excited.
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Seventeen years after the release of the original Warcraft 3 it is finally time for a MAJOR update. And what an update Reforged is. Almost an entirely new game based around all the familiar things you loved with the original game. First off, the graphics looks amazing. All units, buildings, maps and overall graphics has gotten a MAJOR revamp. Heroes look arguably better than in World of Warcraft with a more detailed appearance than ever before in a real-time strategy. The ordinary units maintains the charm that made us like them so much in the first place, but now with stunning graphics, they simply look great.
If you thought that graphics was the only upgrade, you thought wrong. The game mechanics are tweaked and the AI is supposed to be much smarter than in the previous game. Remember when you ordered your units and they took the longest possible rout to get to the destined location? Fortunately, that is all in the past. The improved AI will make sure that your units will act with a solid intelligence. If you loose a game, you can only blame yourself (or RNG, you can always blame the RNG). The mechanics, gameplay, AI are all going to be up to date.
The comparison...
The comparison...
Apart from the ordinary game, something that made WC3 so incredibly successful was the custom map editor. Countless of maps were made through the editor mode. Tower defense, Dota, Allstar, Survival - the list goes on. Luckily, the editor mode is back, and improved. Who knows, maybe a whole new genre will be built from the WC3 Reforged customized maps. And you don't want to miss out! If you're new to the game you will enjoy one of the best online games ever created. If you have played WC3 before, you'll feel all of the charm of the old game in a whole new and exciting package. The re-playability is high for this one.

The beta is out

Yeah, the highly anticipated beta has finally arrived. And with it the possibility to look for ourselves how some of the units will look like, how the animations differ from the original and how the spells and effects are manifested into the new game. Spoiler: they look pretty great!
As of the release of the full game, Blizzard has yet to announce a specific date. It was planned to come out at the end of 2019, but then again, the beta was supposed to be out in the first quarter of this year, so things are looking to be a bit later than expected. Instead, rumors suggests it will be released in the first quarter of next year. However, with Blizzcon 2019 soon being upon us, announcements will be presented. Be sure to read our full story of what happened during the (surely to be epic) event!
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