Choo Ling Er Shares Running Tips For the Wings for Life World Run
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Choo Ling Er prepares for the Wings for Life World Run
Triathlete and SEA's top Ironwoman, Choo Ling Er, shares her thoughts on running for Wings for Life World Run
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Competing in 3 to 4 triathlons a year, Ironwoman Choo Ling Er is no stranger to long-distance running, and naturally, it’s a part of her training regime.
While she’s had an impressive career so far, it hasn’t always been easy. After breaking her legs several times in cycling accidents, Ling Er now works with a PT twice a week to make sure she’s in good running form to prevent injuries, and a coach to monitor her progress leading up to her races.
Training 7 days a week with 2-3 sessions a day, Ling Er needs to ensure her legs are conditioned to run full marathons after 180km off a bike. Running is not just a key component of her sport but has also taught her an important life lesson:
“If you want something you really have to work for it and be consistent. Long distance running taught me to never give up during training or races, once you start giving up, even once, you feel it's ok to give up the second or the third time. It will be a chain reaction and it's the same thing that applies to everything in life.”
Choo Ling Er running for the Wings for Life World Run
Choo Ling Er running for the Wings for Life World Run
We sat down with Ling Er on her decision to run for the Wings for Life World, her personal goals on the run, and some tips for runners.
Why are you running for the Wings for Life World Run?
I really enjoy my endurance training, so with the Wings for Life World Run, I can do just that and contribute to a good cause, so the real question is: why not?
What are some tips you can give to someone who is trying to get better at long-distance running?
Endurance training is all about understanding your body, the more you train the more you know about yourself. It's all about learning to calm and pace yourself and hitting it hard when it's needed. Do not rush into crazy long distance races. Enjoy the initial buildup and you will have a very long running life.
Do you think running is more of mental or physical?
Both! When I'm suffering in the long run or intervals. I always tell myself: 1 kilometre at a time, 1 minute at a time or 1 set at a time. Either I suffer now or I suffer during my races. If I want something, I go get it.
Where are your favourite places to run in Singapore?
I have a few: East Coast Park towards Marina Bay Sands and the canal by my neighbourhood. It's 1.3km for one loop and where I’ve done 21km there before.
What are your personal goals for distance in the Wings for Life World Run?
This year, I’m aiming to go beyond 28 kilometres.
What advice would you give to someone who is intimidated by running events like the Wings for Life World Run?
Set a goal and work towards it. Try not to think about the end result and enjoy the good and bad experiences while training and on the day - you'll get to know yourself better. In the end, if you hit your target, it will be a bonus. If not, don’t be afraid to try again.