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Celebrate summer with Neguin and Arianna dancing in a ring of fire

In the second clip from the Vivaldi Four Seasons series we see Neguin and Arianna Ciocchetti, once again choreographed by Yaman Okur. Enjoy the atmosphere and outstanding movement in this video.
Written by Red Bull Italy Team / Translation by FraGue Moser-Kindler
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In many cultures all over the world, summer is greeted with fire at the summer solstice. It gives heat and nourishment and allows the transformation of energy, facilitating rebirth. Fire is a rapid and irreversible agent of change, destroying one form to create another.
And it’s precisely a ‘wheel’ of fire that provides the set chosen for Summer, the second unmissable instalment of The Four Seasons.
At centre stage is the extraordinary Brazilian artist Neguin, who started dancing aged 14 on the vibrant streets of his hometown Paraná, a Brazilian city where dance is a way of life. His eclectic development has led him to create a style that’s all his own: celebratory, psychological, impetuous and deeply influenced by capoeira. Neguin is one of the spearheads of the Red Bull BC One All Stars. Alongside him is Arianna Ciocchetti a multi-award-winning hip-hop dancer, founder and choreographer of the Dynamix Kidz crew and an excellent exponent of the New Generation of Italian hip-hop.
B-Boy Neguin and Arianna Ciocchetti pictured during Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

B-Boy Neguin and Arianna Ciocchetti

© Mauro Puccini

Hip-hop, breaking and capoeira, merged together by contemporary concepts, fuse in this new choreography, once again created by Yaman Okur – the renowned dancer and choreographer, who worked with Madonna on her tours for Sticky and Sweet and MDNA. The music is Moving As One by Loyal, which goes perfectly with the fluid movement of the dancers to evoke the positive energy and heat of summer.
Arianna Ciocchetti summoning Neguin in Vivaldi's Four Seasons dance video.

Another magic moment from the choreography

© Mauro Puccini

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Neguin is a Red Bull BC One All Star and world champion from Brazil known for his capoeira-infused breaking moves and gravity-defying flips.

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