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LoL best support champions to choose from this season

Here's an in-depth look at some of the best support champions in LoL this season.
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When it comes to League of Legends (LoL), a lot of praise goes to the main DPS champion. But it's high time we give it up for the little guy. The game's support champions are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to your LoL team success (or ahem, failure, if you don't play your cards right). Use this guide to fuel your knowledge of the highest-ranked supports on the LoL tier list this season.

How Important Is the Support Role in LoL?

Not only do support champs provide healing and shields, but some also offer movement and attack speed buffs. Support champions can also buy items that help the entire team for the duration of the match and can often be used to set up multiple plays in lane and throughout the game. Though your play style will differ depending on the support you choose, you're guaranteed to make a difference when you step up to the plate.

Types Of Support In LoL

There are three main types of support characters in LoL: enchanters, engagers, and poke supports. Technically, there are some champions that cross over into more than one category, but these three types are good to stick to. Here's the nitty-gritty on each of these categories:
  • Enchanter: Enchanters defend their allies from opponents and help their overall effectiveness with buffs. To see them truly shine, group them with others.
  • Engager: This type of support can get the drop on other champs during battles and is great at asserting an early dominance.
  • Poke: Poke supports are known for their ability to harass their enemies with damaging or rebuffing attacks. Their goal is to win the fight before the battle begins.
Apart from these main supports, there's also a sustain support which plays a more traditional role. The main goal of this support is to heal their teammates so they can stay in lane for as long as possible.

Best Support Champions in LoL

When you boot up LoL, there are several support champions to choose from (depending on who you've unlocked, of course). Since new updates are released pretty often, some characters are better at different times.

1. Thresh

This spirit who hails from the Shadow Isles torments his opponents using a combination of slow and unique attacks. Wreaking havoc on their souls, Thresh imprisons them in his lantern for an eternity's worth of torture. Considered one of the best all-around supports in LoL, this engage/aggressive support can change the course of the game at an instant thanks to his Death Sentence hook.
Pros and Cons
Thresh comes with several advantages for players. He offers a well-rounded kit and a lantern for teammates to use as an engage or escape tool. He's also great at engaging with his hook ability and is a great option if you want someone who's both aggressive and defensive. Despite this, it takes a certain amount of skill to play him and you don't get any escape abilities.
Thresh comes with several abilities that give his competition a run for their money. Through his use of Dark Passage, Thresh can aid nearby allied Champions by shielding them with a lantern. Thresh's other abilities include Death Sentence, Flay, Damnation, and The Box.

2. Nautilus

Known as The Titan of the Depths, Nautilus roams the waters off the Blue Flame Isles. This armored Goliath spews out surprise attacks and uses his large anchor to help his allies while dragging his enemies to their demise.
Pros and Cons
Not only is Nautilus naturally tanky, but he also offers a great engage with his hook ability and superior crowd control. On the downside, he doesn't offer much disengage and his hook ability is a skill shot, meaning it has the potential to miss.
Nautilus comes with several abilities including the Staggering Blow, Dredge Line, Titan's Wrath, Riptide, and Depth Charge. When he executes his Riptide, he slams the ground and causes three nearby explosions that damage and slow down his enemies.

3. Lulu

Lulu creates dreamlike illusions and creatures as she travels through Runeterra. Though many view her magic as unnatural, The Fae Sorceress believes a touch of enchantment can benefit any situation.
Pros and Cons
Not only does Lulu provide attack and movement speed buffs, but she can also assist her teammates in dealing out damage with her passive. On the downside, she doesn't offer any real engage and has no sustain in the lane.
Lulu comes with several enchanting abilities including Glitterlance, Whimsy, and Wild Growth. She also gets aid from her faerie companion, Pix, through moves like Help, Pix!, wherein Pix shields and assists a nearby ally or damages an enemy and gives Lulu a vision of them.

4. Bard

Known for many names including the Wandering Caretaker, Bard advocates for balance and the greater good (despite his odd methods). He travels through realms while hoping to steer any and all existence away from total destruction.
Pros and Cons
This roamer deals a good amount of damage to his opponents and can make plays around the map pretty easily. One of his strongest assets is his ability to change the tide of a fight. Unfortunately, some of his maneuvers are quite tricky to use. He's also not very tanky and his tunnel has the potential to work against him.
Bard's various abilities include Traveler's Call, Cosmic Binding, Caretaker's Shrine, Magical Journey, and Tempered Fate. Using Cosmic Binding, Bard can slow down his enemies with a missile. With the Caretaker's Shrine, he has the ability to heal the first ally that comes in contact with the healing shrine.

5. Taric

Forced to leave his homeland of Demacia, Taric offers up plenty of power as Runeterra's guardian of life, love, and beauty. Using the might of ancient Targon, he aims to defeat the Void's corruption.
Pros and Cons
If you're looking for a good team player, Taric's your guy. He can grant his teammates armor while also giving them invulnerability for a short duration. He's also tanky and has a stun and a heal. On the downside, he is melee, meaning he offers basic attacks.
Taric's abilities include Bravado, Starlight's Touch, Bastion, Dazzle, and Cosmic Radiance. Cosmic Radiance allows him to send cosmic energy onto nearby champion allies which makes them invulnerable for a short period of time.
Even though each support champion comes with their own set of abilities, it's up to you to bring them to life. Take time to get to know them before you figuratively step into the role and channel your inner legend.
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