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LoL best top laners: Tier list of top lane champions

Squaring up to opponents is easy when you have these LoL champions to conquer one-one-one duels.
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There are several impressive top laners in League of Legends that dominate each other when going head to head. If you're a LoL pro, you know top lane is where most 1v1 matches take place, so having a tough-guy champ that can outlast the enemy is crucial. The ranking champs on this League of Legends tier list are the ones you're sure to crush your opponents with.

Types of Top Laners

To survive the longest in the top lane, your champ needs to be the best at gathering gold, dealing good trade damage, and avoiding or setting up ganks. The best types of top laners you'll spot in the game are:
For crazy-high damage on your opponents, hyper-carries are the ultimate champs to use. They have massive AoE and high cleave to wipe out several enemy champions at once. These guys master 1v2 fights and double kills and deal tons of damage.
Support-style Champions
Get ready for some beefy tanks. Support-style champs are great at trading damage with lane opponents. They thrive at staying their lane for as long as possible to build up tons of tanky items to defend their friendly champs in all-out team fights.
These guys have a weaker lane presence and trade damage abilities, until they collect more items. Their strength boosts when dueling with opponents as they barrel right through the lane. Split pushers dominate at taking turrets until they're stopped by enemy forces.

LoL Best Top Laners

When the meta randomly shifts, the top-tier champions rank sometimes moves along with it. As long as you've got some tough hitters and tanky damage-soakers, you should be good to go. These guys are armed and ready to guard and push through lanes like it's nobody's business. The top champions we're seeing right now are:

1. Ornn

An Image of Ornn from League of Legends
Ornn is League of Legends' lastest champion
This dude has a shockingly high damage output for a tank. There are tons of CC in his kit to stun opponents at ganks and teamfights. His skills take time to master, but he's got a unique passive and several fiery abilities that make him a powerful champ.
Pros and cons:
For crowd control assist, Ornn is the guy for the job by using his bellow breath to make enemy champs brittle. Ornn can buy items off base, which comes in handy when the team's low on resources. Unfortunately, he can't purchase consumable items, just inconsumable.
His volcanic rupture has opponents shaking when he slams down hard to the ground and sends a fissure that slows enemy hits and deals damage. When this catches enemy champs off guard, he can line them up for a deadly combo called Searing Charge.

2. Yorick

Yorick’s back from the grave
Yorick’s back from the grave
If you've played League before, you'll know Yorick hasn't been the strongest pick. He's lately been updated as a top lane pusher. He can clear the toughest of waves in seconds, even super minion waves.
Pros and Cons:
Yorick is quick to bash down those tough turrets and gives high damage and low cooldown. He has very little dash and teamfight presence. Soaking up damage is tough for this champ since he's not very tanky.
His Maiden of the Mist ability makes it difficult for enemies to stop him during 1v1 battles, so they'll have to group up to stand a chance. His Last Rites ability deals bonus damage on his upcoming attack and heals himself.

3. Kled

League of Legends: Kled
League of Legends: Kled
Thanks to recent changes from Conquerer, Kled has increased sustain to drastically buff his form. As one of the best top LoL players, he can now deal damage, kite, and confidently get back on his raptor.
Pros and cons:
If Kled gets strong enough, he can hypercarry games through roams in a jiff. He has some issues fighting tanks, so try to battle him against a squishy.
Throw his bear trap on a rope to hook and damage the opponent. Make your enemy feel the wrath of that physical damage as Kled yanks him forward. The jousting ability makes him gain short and intense bursts of speed to deal physical damage to his opponent.

4. Singed

It’s in your best interest to dodge the game if you see this man with Smite.
Singed - League of Legends
This guy is tricky for enemy champs to track down and defeat. He's a pro at quickly clearing waves and deals tons of damage. Match this dude up with bruisers to see him cause serious damage.
Pros and cons:
His farming and gold regenerating skills are no joke. He's also tanky and a pro at holding his own in team fights. He's a bit weak in early game, especially up against ranged champions.
You'll get extra speedy when using the Noxious Slipstream, which drafts off any nearby champs. His Clever Poison Trail ability leaves poison that damages enemy champs behind him. As enemies follow, he can throw his vial of mega adhesive down to slow and ground them.

5. Sett

League of Legends Sett
League of Legends: Sett
When this ultimate fighter deals damage to enemies, he hits right in the center. He's got a shield for protection and deals a certain amount of bonus damage depending on how much grit he has.
Pros and cons:
Sett is a super quick farmer, which comes in handy when you desperately need those coins. He's got great CC and engage to attack and stun opponents. He seriously lacks flashing skills to help him escape when trapped by an enemy.
He uses more basic moves when attacking players, like a left and right punch. That right punch is a tad stronger than the left. His Knuckle Down attacks deal more damage if the enemy's max health is high.

6. Darius

Darius, one of the most annoying champions in the League of Legends eSports game according to Red bull eSports.
Any master League player will tell you this guy is a strong pick since he deals tons of raw damage for melee champions, especially in early game. He is also incredibly helpful in teamfights.
Pros and Cons:
Darius is a strong duelist, especially at one vs. one matches. He's a master at sustaining and can easily punish immobile champions. He's got no dash and falls off the lane later on in the game, so just stick with him at the start.
He has attack and damaging abilities to cause crazy physical damage to opponents by making them bleed a bunch. With a swift wind-up and swing of his axe in a large circle, he can strike enemies with his blade.
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