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Written by Jason Horton
In Episode 2 of This Is Marcus we lift the lid on what it takes to be a snowboarding innovator.
Snowboarding · 5 min
"This is Marcus" Ep 2 – Inside the Mind
When it comes to exciting new talents pushing the sport, 18 year-old Norwegian Marcus Kleveland has to be the most exciting of all.
A true snowboarding prodigy, Kleveland's incredible rise to stardom has been on the cards since his first mind-blowing edit dropped on Youtube back in 2007, and he's been dropping NBD’s ever since. He's the youngest rider to pull a Triple Cork (aged 13), the youngest rider to land a Quad Cork (aged 16) and the first to land one in a contest, too.
But big spins are only a small part of the story – snowboarding is not merely a gymnastics discipline, after all. What makes Kleveland special is his uniquely creative approach to snowboarding, and his ability to use almost any tiny feature in a snowpark to launch bafflingly complex and stylish tricks.
I don’t think I’m close to the limit of pushing myself
Marcus Kleveland
Snowboarder Marcus Kleveland at Air + Style in Innsbruck, Austria.
Marcus Kleveland at Air + Style in Innsbruck
Learning every single trick in the book is one thing, but it's quite another to write the book.
In Episode 2 of This Is Marcus, titled Inside The Mind, we get a fascinating insight into how Kleveland sees snowboarding as a thing of infinite possibility, and the mindset it takes for realising our own potential. Watch it in the player above.
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