Introducing Red Bull Metropolis
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Gamers will build cities in Red Bull Metropolis and we're going to love it

Bringing competition to Cities: Skyline for the first time, Red Bull Metropolis is a unique event you won't want to miss.
Written by Ben Sillis
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Red Bull Metropolis

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Red Bull Metropolis takes Cities: Skylines, a game that was never designed to be competitive, into the world of esports. Featuring some of the most popular streamers in the community, some never-before-seen ways of playing the game and more than a few surprises, you won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind event.
Alongside developers Paradox Interactive and the Cities: Skylines community, a number of specially designed maps have been created for the event to present a serious challenge to some of the best players in the world. This is the game you know and love, but in a way you've never seen before.
Red Bull Metropolis takes place on August 21, with all the action streamed on the official Red Bull Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as the channels of the players taking part, giving you multiple ways to catch all of the action.
The event sees leading content creators City Planner Plays, Biffa, Quill18, RTGame and Spiffing Brit compete in specially designed challenges that will see their city building skills pushed to the limit, all leading to one being crowned the Red Bull Metropolis champion. Here's all you need to know about how the event will be played out.

The challenge

You'll have to wait until the event itself to see exactly what challenges we have in store for the players, but each features a unique set of rules and objectives designed to test certain areas of a participant's city building skills. This will range from reducing traffic in a busy city to saving an entire city from a meteor heading its way.
Throughout the day of the event, competitors will take part in five 30-minute challenges, with each being scored and the results forming a league table that will no doubt change a lot throughout the course of the day. After all five challenges have been completed, the top players will be invited to take part in the all-important sixth challenge, which will push their skills to the limit and crown the Red Bull Metropolis champion.
It isn't quite as simple as making sure you achieve the objective of each challenge, however. Points will be awarded not only based on the effectiveness of players' solutions, but also on factors such as creativity, integration and realism. So, if a player manages to come up with a crazy idea that could actually be replicated in real life to solve a major issue, they will score some serious points that could catapult them into the final.

Working with the community

Created in collaboration with both the Cities: Skylines development team and its community to help design both the challenges and the tournament itself, Red Bull Metropolis has also seen top players working on and testing the challenges to ensure that the event will be an incredible spectacle for fans and non-fans alike.
With each player streaming the event on their own channels, you'll also be able to engage with the community in the way you want. Be it directly chatting with streamers in their own chat or as part of the audience on the main Red Bull stream, which will feature full commentary of challenges and plenty of behind-the-scenes content.
So, now it's time to brush up on your city-building knowledge to make sure you're ready to watch all of the action from Red Bull Metropolis on August 21, live on the Red Bull Twitch and YouTube channels.
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Red Bull Metropolis

Virtual Event
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