Shaunz: Meet Vitality’s new head coach
The new LCS line-up gets a new head honcho to go with it: catch the first video interview here.
Written by Ben Sillis
Published on
We’ve met all the players – kaSing, Shook, Nukeduck, Hjärnan and Cabochard – but League of Legend’s newest team has one more announcement for you: its new head coach. Streamer, caster and League expert Shaunz is joining Vitality to help guide the new squad to success. Read on to get his take in his first video interview for the team.
Parisian Kévin "Shaunz" Ghanbarzadeh is a familiar face to League followers: a former pro player himself, he is also a Riot-featured streamer and even casted at the All-Star in Paris in 2014. He’s more than just well versed in League, however. As a former Counter-Strike, Dota and StarCraft 2 player, he understand the pressures that all pro gamers face to perform, and how to combat them.
“Being coach is being a mix between a father and a brother,” he reveals in the video above. “It’s being empathetic, to understand always the players, what they need and what you can bring, but also being a role model.”
Of course, you do have “to be good at League of Legends, a bit,” he jokes. Being a coach also means staying calm, he thinks.
“If you have pressure anyway you cannot be a proper role model… The only moment I have pressure is for me in terms of ‘Please players, do what we worked on, do like good rotations’. It’s like, ‘I hope they’re doing what we learned.’”
With any luck, they’ll do just that. As Shaunz points out, having played together before, the bot lane pairing is solid. “Hjarnan and kaSing are both good together, they have a really, really close relationship.”
On the top lane meanwhile, there’s Cabochard. “I think he’s one of the most talented guys right now in the West,” Shaunz says. All in all, the head coach is confident that the five-man squad can handle any competition in the EU LCS.
“I think our roster can play both aggressive and passive on all the lanes… it will be my work to make them understand that to make them the best team.
“I see this as a second Fnatic, in terms of winning spirit and also professional activity.”
We’ll find out if Shaunz and the team can recreate that when the next split begins. GLHF!
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