Jordy Smith Alley Oop In Indonesia
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The WSL Red Bull Airborne is set to fly the friendly French skies

The world’s most well known aerialists — and two lethal wildcards — are ready for take off at the inaugural WSL Red Bull Airborne at the Quiksilver Pro France.
Written by Andrew Lewis
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Prepare to fly with Red Bull Airborne
This week, the World Surf League and Red Bull will unleash upon the surfing world a contest that has been gestating in the mind of recently retired tour veteran and aerial pioneer, Josh Kerr. It is one of those perfect matches that cry destiny, fate, etc.
"Growing up, I started watching videos of the first air shows in America with Christian Fletcher and Jason Collins," Kerrzy said of his aerial heroes back in August, when the WSL and Red Bull announced they had come together to create Red Bull Airborne. "They were just punk rock and edgy, and they were only concentrating on big punts."
Big punts there will most surely be, beginning Friday, October 5, on the juicy ramps of Hossegor, France. 
I think this is going to help progress our sport and help open up a lot of kids' minds.
Josh Kerr
Jammed right in the heart of the Quiksilver Pro France, the WSL Red Bull Airborne specialty event will feature 18 of the world's best aerial surfers. The twist is the event mixes Tour surfers like Jordy Smith and Kolohe Andino, freesurfers like Mason Ho and Mikey Wright — and two wildcards: Leif Engstrom (USA) and Seb Williams (ZAF), who submitted clips to an Airborne judging panel made up of Kerrzy, former CT stalwart and progressive surfing deity Taj Burrow, Ventura innovator Tim Curran, and Santa Cruz's aerial virtuoso Jason "Ratboy" Collins.
“I want to give kids a creative platform to gravitate towards at a young age," Kerrzy said in August. "I think this is going to help progress our sport and help open up a lot of kids' minds."
Here's how the event will go down:
  • Three heats of six surfers (two rounds)
  • Everybody surfs twice (30 min heats)
  • Top 2 airs count (across either heat) with best air doubled
  • Leaderboard format (so an 8 point Air will beat 2 x 5 point airs so you may as well just go for it!)
  • Top 6 surfers will make a final, best air wins! (40 min final)
The WSL Red Bull Airborne France will take place during the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France from October 5-10, 2018.