Kane Sheckler

Kane Sheckler Delivers the Best of His Best

The California ripper with skateboarding in his royal blood throws down his "5 FOR 5" part.

The last name is familiar, but it's time you get better acquainted with the first. Kane Sheckler is the youngest of the skateboarding royals from San Clemente, and the young buck is intent on making a name for himself. Ryan Sheckler casts a big shadow, but Kane has officially stepped out of it. Plenty proof of that above.

Sheckler’s 5:

  • Boardslide Fakie
  • Bigspin Frontside Boardslide
  • Frontside Nosegrind
  • 360 Shuv Lipslide
  • Kickflip Boardslide

That's Part IV of "5 FOR 5" — Come back to Red Bull Skateboarding to see what's dropping on a weekly basis from this fresh generation of pro skateboarders, and to get your fix of the next five.

"5 FOR 5" Full Roster:

By Josh T. Saunders