Did Alex Megos climb the hardest route ever?

We think there’s a good argument for ‘yes’. See the clip of his route on First Round, First Minute.
By Julius Hollander
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Alex Megos – First Round

Alex Megos – First Round

First Round, First Minute is a real monster of a climbiing route. Legend Chris Sharma was the first to ever complete the route in Margalef, Spain, in 2011. Since then only Adam Ondra has repeated the route, in 2014. Now, so has Alex Megos
Why is it so impressive? There are only 10 to 20 routes in the world at this level of difficulty – and not even 10 climbers worldwide have dared to climb routes that difficult.
Now the 22-year-old German is one of them. Having completed First Round, First Minute after just five days of preparation, Megos might well have put down one of the fastest climb-throughs ever of a route that difficult.
Alex Megos in Margalef

Alex Megos in Margalef

© Frank Kretschmann/Red Bull Content Pool

Megos calls it one of the most memorable moments in his climbing career:
First Round, First Minute – my first 9b! It took me five days to complete the route, although I already got to the last hard move on the first try of the third day. This was for sure one of my hardest accomplishments to date, physically and mentally, but it was not my limit yet.
Alex Megos
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