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The day 2 giants of MotoGP™ delivered final lap racing perfection

Often forced to play second fiddle to Marc Márquez, Italy's Andrea Dovizioso beat his great rival in an epic MotoGP™ duel at the 2019 Grand Prix of Austria.
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The snapshot:

August 11, 2019, the Red Bull Ring, Austria. Packed circuit. Having finished second behind Marc Márquez in the overall standings for three straight years, Andrea Dovizioso was determined to make a statement.
Both riders battled from the first corner to the last. In the very last turn, Dovizioso edged Márquez out, securing his win. In doing so, he earned the respect of his Spanish rival and finally proved that the Honda rider could be toppled.
That day, his cousin was watching and recorded a passionate voice message as he watched Dovizioso take the win. Watch the video above to feel the emotion.

The long-lasting rivalry:

After bursting onto the MotoGP™ scene in 2008 and confirming his position as one of Honda's most consistent performers, Dovizioso earned a career-defining move to Ducati in 2013. Brought in to replace legendary rider and fellow countryman, Valentino Rossi, the switch coincided with the emergence of Márquez.
The Spaniard would go on to dominate all his opposition. He won five championships in six years and ahead of their duel in Austria in 2019 had claimed 59 pole positions.
Such was the dominance of Márquez that many believed he was unbeatable. But, rather than dishearten Dovizioso, the Italian was driven by the thought of toppling his great rival.
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Andrea Dovizioso
Japanese MotoGP, October 15, 2017.
Marquez's biggest rival in 2017: Andrea Dovizioso

The thinking man of MotoGP™:

The ideal MotoGP™ rider is thought to be one who's prepared to take huge risks and has a feeling of invincibility. Márquez is often praised for being instinctive – and perhaps even a bit mad.
Dovizioso, on the other hand, knows that his great strength lies in his ability to analyse and assess. Comparing Márquez's style with his own, Dovizioso said: "He's so instinctive that he has no fear and you can't challenge him in that aspect. So, you must try to beat him in a different way. He uses his instincts and his aggressive approach, I use my rationality and clarity."
Andrea Dovizioso performs during the Stop 11 of the MotoGP World Championship in Spielberg, Austria on August 11, 2019.
Dovizioso and Márquez were this close for the entire Austrian Grand Prix

The pain:

Despite amassing 14 wins and 60 podiums in his career, Dovizioso has considered walking away from the sport, especially after a brutal crash at the British Grand Prix in 2019.
"The pain is really awful and, when you feel this pain, you tell yourself, 'Come on, this is too much, this is no good'. More than once I've asked, 'Am I willing to keep risking and am I willing to suffer to get results?'"

The driving force:

It seems there's a driving force that ensures the Italian keeps suiting up and competing however. That's the belief that he can topple Márquez. "Otherwise I wouldn’t race in MotoGP™," Dovizioso says."