Kai Lenny surfs at Haleiwa, Hawaii on February 7, 2022.
Kai Lenny poses for a portrait during the Paradigm Lost European premiere at San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain on September 27, 2017.


United States

United States



From kiteboarding and windsurfing to foiling and big wave surfing, Hawaii's Kai Lenny does it all and at an expert level.

Date of birth

October 8, 1992


Maui, Hawaii, USA




United States

United States


Free Surfing / Surfing Big Wave / Stand Up Paddling / Kitesurfing Freestyle / Windsurfing Wave / Windsurfing Foil / Kitesurfing Foil / Wing Foil / Stand Up Paddling Foil / Foil Surfing

To say that Kai Lenny was destined to become a waterman is an understatement. Sure, his name, Kai, literally means 'sea' in Hawaiian, but he's gone on to prove himself as one of the greatest watermen the world has ever known.

The son of California transplants – both of whom moved to the North Shore of Maui to surf and windsurf – Kai has tamed waves, wind and water since he was just a boy, catching his very first wave at four years old, a vivid sensation he admits that he’s been chasing to replicate his entire life. Before said-milestone, his parents would leave him in a baby bounce swing tied to a tree branch while they windsurfed near shore.