Luke Aikins
Luke Aikins poses for a portrait at the 2021 Training Camp in Los Alamos, California, USA on April 5, 2021.



United States

United States


BASE Jumping

Breaking boundaries is second nature to American skydiver and pilot Luke Aikins.

Date of birth

November 21, 1973


Corpus Christi, Texas, USA




United States

United States

Career start



Outdoor Skydiving

Luke has been pushing the bounds of human flight for more than 28 years and is an acclaimed skydiver, commercial airplane and helicopter pilot, film stuntman, innovator and coach. While he has more than 21,000 skydives and 8,750 flight hours, his main purpose is constant professional growth and aiding in the development of others to leverage their full potential.

Aviation is in Luke’s blood. He was surrounded by a family full of pilots and skydivers and raised on a private airport where his grandfather founded a skydiving center in the ‘60s after returning from the war as a P-47 pilot. In fact, Luke made his first skydive and earned his pilot’s license at age 16.