Ryan Sheckler

United States
Ryan Sheckler knows that the only way I will know that I have achieved legendary status is when my peers say I have. There is no other way.

Whether you know Ryan Sheckler from his domination on the skateboard contest circuit, his former MTV reality show “Life of Ryan,” or his charitable work through his organization, the Sheckler Foundation, Sheckler has become an action sports icon and a household name. In 2003, at the age of 13, Sheckler became the youngest competitor ever to win X Games gold. He earned repeat X Games gold in skateboard street in 2008 and 2010. All grown up now, he’s won the Action Sport Tour’s championship three times and has won more contests than he can keep track of, from the California Amateur Skateboarding League championship titles he claimed as a kid to the ISF Skateboarding World Championships in 2010. He’s a Street League Skateboarding regular, a Dew Tour champion, and the founder of the Red Bull Hart Lines street contest. He appeared in Plan B’s feature 2014 film, “True,” and he’s the star of the Red Bull original video series, “Sheckler Sessions.” But competing still remains his focus. “I’m a competitor. I’ve always been a competitor,” Sheckler says. “That’s how I started my career. I love the energy of competitions.”

  • Favorite food
    Steak, Chicken, Mac and Cheese
  • Favorite music
    Of Mice & Men
  • Birthplace
    San Clemente, USA