B-Boy Victor posing in Lille, France in a Red Bull hat.
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B-Boy Victor on his comeback, inspirations and the scene in Mexico

Multiple champion and BC One All Star B-boy Victor chats about coming up in a family of breakers, which Mexican B-boys you need to watch out for and his return to battle in this interview.
By Tracy Kawalik
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When did you start dancing?
I started dancing when I was 11. I started because my dad and his twin used to be breakdancers too. I saw him and my uncle dancing. They were doing windmills and these little routines and popping and stuff like that.
Can he still throw down now?
He does just back spins now, that’s it.
Did he teach you a lot?
My dad taught me, my cousin, my brother, my sister – the whole family. He just taught us back spins, windmills, and six step.
B-boy Victor doing a freeze in Paris, France.
Victor posing in Paris
What was the point when you realised you could make a career out of breaking?
Well I never thought about it. For me I just loved doing it, so I just kept on doing what I was doing. I started making money out of it and then I started making more and winning more and I started believing in myself.
How old were you when you did your first battle?
I was probably about 14 when I started battling and ever since then I’ve just been battling.
Who’s been your toughest competitor and why?
I’d have to say Issei from Japan. We always battle each other, all the time! He wins sometimes, I win sometimes, so we’re equal, you know?
Growing up in a family of B-boys and B-girls did you guys ever battle each other?
Nah, not really, we would just practice outside my house and then go to team nights and go break there and battle other team members from our city.
Victor posing in front of a mirror
B-Boy Victor poses for a portrait
With your dad being a B-boy, did he push you a lot to get you where you are today?
When I started he was the only one that pushed me. Now it’s my whole family!
My mom she was always like, 'I don’t want you to travel to this country, and that country by yourself. Go to school. Go to college. Go to University.' My dad, he always believed in me. He would tell her, 'No, there’s a big chance for him. He can really make something happen out of this,' and he would say 'Not everyone gets a chance like this, a free flight to another country for a big battle, that’s not something that happens to a lot of people.'
He always wanted to be a champion and he lived through me. When he saw me breaking you know he was always like, 'Keep going, keep going, I want you to be a champion,' and I've got to show him he was right!
When did you become a Red Bull BC One All Star?
I became a champion in 2015 when I won Red Bull BC One.
The winner of BC One 2015, B-boy Victor, holds aloft his belt in Rome.
Victor wins Red Bull BC One 2015 in Rome
Where's your belt now?
Yeah he [my dad] keeps my belt in his room! Yeah, a big, heavy belt!
What did winning the belt mean to your dad?
Winning the belt meant a lot to my dad and a lot to me too, you know. I trained super hard for this. It took months of hard work and dedication. Every day training, no vacation, hours and hours, and sacrificing while people were out there partying.
What did you do after you won?
I won and I was like, 'Ah, yes! Now I can have fun and enjoy it!'
Now that you're a champion does your dad still push you?
He pushes me to focus more for sure. After that big win and 2015 I started slacking. I started going downhill, you know. I was winning so many events that I didn’t really care anymore, it felt too easy for me. I got bored of it. In 2016 I made the call that I wanted to go to LA and party.
B-boy Victor vs Bruce Almighty in BC One 2015.
Victor smiling in the battle vs Bruce Almighty
What changed?
After a while I realised that wasn’t at all what I wanted. I missed winning, you know. So I started training more again, battling again, focusing again, all so that I can come back this year in 2018 at Red Bull BC One and win again.
Where's the most inspiring place that you’ve been to battle and perform?
For me it has to be Europe. The competition is harder and there’s a lot more original B-boys that inspire me more.
How does it feel to perform in Mexico and experience the scene there?
Mexico is really dope! What’s amazing for me is just going there and experiencing my home town and being able to perform. I’m so proud of my people from there.
An image of B-boy Victor in the Infinity Cube.
B-Boy Victor in the Infinity Cube
Are there Mexican B-boys you look up to?
A lot! B-boy Hill, his brother, B-boy Baby, there’s a whole bunch of other underground Mexican B-boys we haven’t seen yet, that I know are dope. Watch this space.
Who’s inspired you the most?
I got inspired by a whole bunch of B-boys, you know. A lot of old school B-boys from Rock Steady Crew, Boogie Brats, the Dynamic Rockers – the older generation B-boys. Now to be honest I look up to myself. I believe in myself and I look up to myself.

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From Orlando, Florida, B-Boy Victor is a member of Squadron crew, MF Kidz and Red Bull BC One All Stars. He's a two-time Red Bull BC One World Champion.

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