Fiora counters most rivals on the Rift
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The 20 best Snowball Champions from League of Legends

Play as these champions and you'll climb the LoL ladder.
By James Busby & Marc Shaw
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Climbing the competitive ladder in League of Legends can be difficult and often frustrating. We’ve all been in situations where games feel like a lost cause, and our winning streak quickly turns into a sea of depressing losses. Going down divisions and losing games is hard to take, especially when you feel you tried your hardest. However, there are certain champs that can increase your likelihood of netting that all-important victory.
Snowball champions take a while to come online but, when they do, you’ll be wiping entire teams in no time. If you’re looking to carry your way to victory, this list of the best snowball champs will satisfy your hunger for all-out dominance. These late-game monsters will give you the ability to rise through the ranks, often without too much extra effort.

1. Fiora

Fiora League of Legends
Fiora counters most rivals on the Rift
Fiora is an absolute monster in the top-lane and an excellent addition to any team looking to deal heaps of damage. The Grand Duelist has the tools to outplay and counter most champions on the Rift, while also scaling into an incredible late-game split-pusher. If you’re looking for a strong duelist who boasts fantastic team fighting capabilities, then look no further.
Fiora is incredibly hard to counter as her passive deals percent max health true damage whenever she attacks a target’s vitals. Regardless of what your enemy builds, it will not reduce her damage output, so don’t be afraid to duel anyone that dares to challenge you. Her low skill ceiling and good synergy make her an excellent addition to any team.

2. Akali

Akali League of Legends
Be patient with Akali
The Fist of the Shadow may have a hard time in the early-game, but, once the Rift’s resident assassin reaches level six, this completely changes. Not only is the Fist of the Shadow a good counter to the increasingly popular Yasuo picks, she also has the ability to instantly melt multiple carries before they can react.
Akali’s kit allows her to quickly roam around the map and zap onto targets with Shadow Dance, making her extremely difficult to deal with, especially for those who happen to play immobile champions. Once Akali has access to Hextech Gunblade and a few kills, there’s no stopping the Fist of the Shadow.

3. Darius

Darius League of Legends
Don't lose teamfights with Darius on your side
The Hand of Noxus has been doing very well this meta and it’s not hard to see why. He trades well in laning phase and his ultimate resets in teamfights can be totally game-changing when he has access to enemy carries. With so many teams grouping up for Rift Herald, Dragon, and the all-important Baron, Darius is the perfect champion to snowball off these potential fights. If he manages to storm his way into your backline, it’s game over.
His sustain from Decimate and prioritisation of Black Cleaver and Ravenous Hydra give him the survivability he needs to remain on the offensive. If you’re tired of losing teamfights, then this bloodthirsty Noxian could help fix your late-game woes.

4. Katarina

Katarina can become a pentakill machine
Katarina can become a pentakill machine
Katarina has the potential to become a pentakill machine in the late-game. The Sinister Blade has no mana constraints so she can happily spam abilities over and over again without a care in the world. In team fights, Katarina just needs to wait patiently until her teammates chip away enough health before she can go nuts with her ultimate. If she manages to kill a target, then her cooldowns are significantly reduced and the Rift quickly becomes a haze of blood and daggers.
Positioning is key when mastering the Sinister Blade, as you need to constantly be aware of your surroundings, enemies, Bouncing Blades and minions to maximise your damage. If you master Katarina, you’ll be on your way to creating impressive plays in no time.

5. Fizz

Fizz - League of Legends
Fizz is great at dodging attacks
The Tidal Trickster’s kit is great at punishing the smallest of mistakes, leading to moments that can tilt even the calmest of players. If Fizz manages to snowball a lead, there’s very little you can do. He excels in solo queue because his kit is all about being annoying, dodging abilities, and being slippery. When he’s ahead, he’s almost impossible to kill because he’ll 1 shot your damage dealer, then escape before anyone can stun/lock him down. For uncoordinated teams, a playstyle like this is very strong. His laning phase is fairly safe because he has good ways to farm under tower, and he roams and ganks very well. Fizz can beat a lot of midlane matches up in pure 1v1s when he hits level 6.

6. Jax

Jax League of Legends
Jax fights with a lamppost
Jax is the perfect example of a champion that scales very well with levels and gets a huge power spike in the late-game. The Grandmaster at Arms excels at split pushing towers and shredding through anyone who dares get in his way.
While exceptionally skilled with virtually every conceivable weapon, he chooses to fight with a lamppost, in order to give his opponents a sporting chance. If you’ve ever played against Jax, you’ll know just how scary this lamppost wielding champ can be. He may have a weak laning phase, but once you have access to your Trinity Force, you’ll be smashing your opponents into oblivion game after game.

7. Qiyana

Qiyana champion splash art.
Qiyana is League’s newest assassin champion
Qiyana is a newish champ that excels in team fighting and bursting down squishies, like most assassins. What sets her apart from Assassins who excelled in previous metas, like Zed, is that she can actually team fight – something Zed struggles with since his ultimate damage only pops a few seconds after he uses it.
Qiyana, in comparison, is very burst-y and all her damage pretty much comes all at once. Against Qiyana, opponents have to hope she isn’t fed enough to 1 shot them OR she misses her ONLY skill shot (which is pretty easy to hit). Her laning phase is safe and she ganks pretty well. Her ultimate is amazing for doing objectives like Dragon and Baron and since she’s mostly a midlaner she sits perfectly between these 2 objectives.

8. Vayne

Vayne League of Legends
Vayne can decimate entire teams
This deadeye marksman is notorious for her hyper-aggressive playstyle, outplay potential and ability to single-handedly carry her team to victory. If the Night Hunter manages, by some miracle, to win her lane then the enemy team is in for a very bad time.
Her kit really capitalises on the mistakes your opponents make. The Night Hunter’s stealth and Tumble mechanic – with added true damage from Silver Bolts – allow her to easily decimate entire teams. She receives a fair amount of hate, considering her abundant weaknesses, but the Rift will quickly become your stomping ground if you can get past her flaws.

9. Nasus

Nasus’ power isn’t reliant on items
Nasus’ power isn’t reliant on items
League’s resident minion farmer has been harvesting wins since his release in 2009 and, unlike most champions, Nasus’ power isn’t reliant on items. Instead, his strengths are based on your ability to quickly cultivate as many Siphoning Strike stacks as possible. Aiming for 100+ minions at level six will allow you to 1v1 most champs in the game and come out on top.
The minion masher’s power spike hits the moment you have access to one or two tanky items, which allows you to survive duels and unleash plenty of devastating blows. If you like the idea of chunking 30-40% of an enemy’s health with one hit, then the Curator of the Sand is an excellent pick.

10. Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath League of Legends
Cho’Gath is an enormous damage sponge
Cho'Gath received a lot of attention after the reworks to Vorpal Spikes and Feast, while Gargoyle Stoneplate continues to make him extremely tanky in teamfights. The Terror of the Void can scale infinitely thanks to his ultimate, which grants him true damage, bonus health, as well as bonus attack range and increased size.
This monolithic beast provides plenty of utility from his crowd control spells and serves as an enormous damage sponge for his teammates. His clear and ganks are decent, but it’s Cho’s ability to burst down priority targets with Feast that makes them stand out. When combined with a timely Gargoyle Stoneplate active, a late game Cho'Gath can have upwards of 15,000 health with his ultimate dealing over 1900 true damage. Take him for a spin if you can make it past champ select.

11. Yasuo

A shot of League of Legends' Yasuo, one of the most annoying champions in the eSports game according to Red Bull eSports.
Yasuo is a super popular (and sometimes hated) champion, because of the polarity in League’s player base. Yasuo scales well while having a decent early and midgame as well as FANTASTIC synergy with a lot of meta junglers, so he will always be strong. He has a high skill cap so, half the time, you get the godlike 10/0 Yasuo player who is cutting through everything on the map, and then you get the 0/10 Yasuo who is absolutely useless and probably flaming his jungler.
His kit has a wall that can block almost all projectiles, so he fits very well into midlane as he can mitigate a lot of damage in laning phase. His ultimate can be used when enemies are locked up from a very generous distance (like a screen and a half away). A lot of meta junglers, supports, and top laners have knockups that pair really well with Yasuo, plus he can counter pick mages in botlane if he gets the right matchup.
Once Riven enters the mid-game, she’ll have access to items like Black Cleaver and Youmuu’s Ghostblade. These core items greatly bolster the Exile’s damage and give her the power and survivability she needs to crush those that dare oppose her. If you can get past Riven’s lacklustre early-game and learn the intricacies of her kit, then you’ll be carrying games in no time.

12. Draven

Draven character League of Legends
The sheer amount of damage Draven can dish is insane
His brother Darius excels at close combat team fights and skirmishes but Draven prefers to dish out damage from afar. The Glorious Executioner is a fearsome marksman that delivers a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Many players are deterred by Draven’s lack of escape and position-heavy playstyle, but once you see his late-game damage, you’ll realise why this high skill cap champ is so strong. The Noxus warrior can quickly cleave through the tankiest of opponents thanks to Spinning Axe’s bonus physical damage, while Blood Rush and Whirling Death make escaping his bloodthirsty plays incredibly difficult.
Once Draven has access to the life steal from Bloodthirster and crits from Infinity Edge/Rapid Firecannon, there’s very little your enemies can do. The sheer amount of damage Draven can dish is insane and, if you can net yourself a few early-game kills, you’ll snowball into an unstoppable late-game monster.

13. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix can single-handedly carry games
Kha’Zix can single-handedly carry games
Kha’Zix has been a hotly contested jungle pick among casual and pro players for years. The Voidreaver is great at duelling and can easily win most 1v1 trades, especially when catching out of position targets.
Kha’Zix’s evolved abilities also allow the void monster to adapt to most situations. For example, Kha’Zix’s non-evolved Void Spike can be used to solely heal Kha’Zix, while the evolved form (Evolved Spike Racks) can slow enemies, giving his carries plenty of damage and escape opportunities.
Unlike a lot of champions on this list, Kha’Zix doesn’t require a lot of kills or items to snowball games – in fact, once the Voidreaver snags a few early-game kills and gets access to Duskblade, there’s usually very little the enemy jungler can do to stop him from snowballing further. While he may lack the CC and utility of tank junglers, his high damage can single-handedly turn the tide of many a team fight.

14. Kassadin

Kassadin League of Legends character
Kassadin can blow up entire teams with his AP burst damage
Kassadin has a notoriously weak early-game and he’s at his most vulnerable when he doesn’t have access to Riftwalk. However, if you can make it to level six without feeding your lane opponent, then you’ll find that this masterful mage scales incredibly well into the late-game.
Once the Void Walker has access to Rod of Ages, Archangel’s Staff, and Lich Bane, he has the ability to melt multiple targets before they can even react. There’s a reason why Kassadin remains a popular pick in Korea (8.88% pick rate), so don’t be surprised if you see this masterful mage blow up entire teams with his AP burst damage.
Unlike most AP mid-laners, Kassadin excels at split-pushing thanks to the high burst damage from Force Pulse which absolutely melts minion waves. Make sure you take Summoner Teleport to further increase your roaming capabilities and overall kill potential.

15. Rengar

Rengar League of Legends character
Rengar is an excellent carry jungler
The Pridestalker is an excellent carry jungler who enjoys duking it out in 1v1 engagements, and is at his best when ganking unwarded lanes. Rengar’s kit encourages players to seek out as many kills as possible thanks to the Pridestalker’s Trophy ability, which grants him bonus attack damage for every unique champion he manages to take down. The more champions you kill, the more lethal Rengar becomes.
Deleting enemy foes becomes even easier when Rengar has access to Thrill of the Hunt, as he camouflages himself, gaining both stealth and increased movement speed. This allows him to effectively sneak past enemy tanks and sink his teeth into the squishy damage threats.
While a lot of assassin junglers fall off in the late-game, Rengar can become incredibly powerful if his roaming and backline shenanigans go unchecked. Meanwhile, his use of Duskblade and Cleaver allows the Pridestalker to constantly hunt down priority targets with his ultimate, keeping his enemies on their toes. If you’re after a jungler that can snowball and scale into a late-game monster, then Rengar will give you the tools you need to shine.

16. Aatrox

Aatrox is a game changer
Aatrox is a game changer
The Darkin Blade has been tearing up Summoner’s Rift ever since Riot revamped his kit way back in patch 8.13, so it’s only natural that fans have been using his newfound power to carry games. Aatrox’s passive allows him to periodically empower his next basic attack and Darkin Blade can chunk huge amounts of damage, especially when you manage to hit enemies with the very tip of the casting range.
Having decent AoE damage that can burst through multiple enemy champs in a team fight is incredibly important if you’re looking to climb your way up the ranked ladder. Items like Black Cleaver and Death’s Dance can keep the Darkin Blade healthy during skirmishes, while World Ender’s resurrect ability allows players to go for tower dives, Baron steals, and risky plays without feeding the enemy. Aatrox remains a popular pick in ranked solo queue, so don’t be surprised if you see this deadly demon destroy entire teams with his ludicrous damage.

17. Irelia

Irelia can wipe out entire teams
Irelia can wipe out entire teams
Irelia is another champion who was hit with Riot’s magical rework brush. The Blade Dancer has always had a penchant for being a strong laner, but updates transformed Irelia from a solitary assassin who favours 1v1 engagements to a champion that can wipe entire teams.
Irelia’s high mobility makes her incredibly hard to punish, particularly when she has a few kills under her belt. Being able to stun multiple enemies with Flawless Duet is huge, allowing you to effortlessly weave in and out of combat, shutting down priority targets before they can even react. Meanwhile, Vanguard's Edge can turn the most hopeless of team fights in your favour. If you’re tired of losing games due to one-sided fights, then be sure to take the Blade Dancer for a spin.

18. Vladimir

League Of Legends champion Vladimir
Killing Vladimir is virtually impossible in the late game
The Crimson Reaper is no stranger to the solo carry spotlight. Players have been using his high burst damage to melt down enemy champs for years. Once Vladimir has access to Hextech Protobelt, Sorcerer’s Shoes, and Rabadon's Deathcap, there’s not much you can do to stop his climb to the top. Even the sturdiest enemies struggle to survive against his blood-soaked antics.
After all, being able to 1v5 is incredibly easy thanks to Vlad’s insane healing from Transfusion, Sanguine Pool, and Hemoplague.
Killing Vladimir is incredibly difficult and becomes more improbable during the late-game when he’s able to out-heal all the damage he takes during 1v5 engages. Rushing down foes and destroying them with waves of burst damage has never been so easy.

19. Master Yi

Master Yi is one of the easiest champions to master
Master Yi is one of the easiest champions to master
Master Yi is one of the easiest champions to master in League of Legends thanks to his simplistic kit, but this doesn’t make him any less lethal. Survive the early-game and farm up your jungle until you have enough gold to purchase Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Blade of the Ruined King. These core items will give you enough attack speed and lifesteal to out-trade most champions when using Yi’s deadly combination of auto attacks and Double Strike.
Rushing into the backline to obliterate squishy damage dealers is simple thanks to Yi’s ultimate, so don’t be afraid to collapse on priority targets when they overstay their welcome. The Wuju Bladesman may not be the most mechanically impressive champion on the list, but he can be really difficult to shut down when he manages to get a few early kills.

20. Talon

Talon can carry you over the finish line
Talon can carry you over the finish line
Mobile assassins have always been a staple among those that want to pick up their team and carry them over the finish line, so it’s unsurprising that Talon makes his way onto the list. Talon’s ability to roam between lanes is very potent thanks to Assassin’s Path, which allows the shadowy assassin to effortlessly leap over walls and pounce on any unsuspecting champions.
The Blade’s Shadow has the ability to burst down multiple targets with the AoE nature of his kit, while the slow and heal from Noxian Diplomacy/Rake provide players with numerous kill opportunities. Early ganks can quickly put your team in the lead and if you coordinate your roams with an allied jungler, you’ll be taking control of the entire game before your enemies can even surrender.
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