Danny hops up onto a handrail in San Francisco, United States in April 2022.
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Trial Biking

6 of the best bike trials videos you can watch right now

Looking to get a hit of trials action? You're in the right place as we feature a selection of videos from the best proponents and stars of the mountain bike discipline.
By Rajiv Desai
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Judging from how any new video edit from Danny MacAskill or Fabio Wibmer goes viral on the internet very quickly, mountain bike trials outside of its competition format has enormous appeal.
It's no wonder really. The likes of MacAskill and Wibmer are absolute riding wizards when it comes to showcasing technical skills, bike handling and mind-bending tricks on their very special trials mountain bikes. They and athletes like Tomomi Nishikubo, Tom Oehler and Kenny Belaey have taken the specialist tricks, skills and problem-solving nature of trials riding away from competition into urban environments and new settings, coming up with creative and innovative ways of showing off their discipline while bringing trials riding and the wonder of what you can do on a bike to new audiences.
Sit back and immerse yourself in this rundown of some of the best mountain bike trials videos, edits and films that these athletes have produced and that you can watch online right now on Red Bull TV.

Postcard from San Francisco

5 min

A trials riding paradise

Danny MacAskill turns the iconic sites of San Francisco into the ultimate trials riding paradise.

Spanish +1

Several years in the making, Danny MacAskill's "Postcard from San Francisco" sees the Scot returning to his street trials roots. Back in 2009, MacAskill's Inspired Bicycles street riding edit went huge and it launched his career. Since then he's focussed on more conceptual videos, but it's a welcome back to street trials for him in this edit shot on location in San Francisco.
The edit starts with a bang – a Bump Frontflip down one of the city's iconic steep streets – and doesn't let up throughout as MacAskill ticks off incredible moves and world-famous landmarks as he goes. The final Frontflip off the prison yard steps of Alcatraz proves that the Scottish maestro is still pushing boundaries more than a decade on from that first viral video.

Video Game

7 min

Fabio Wibmer – wins and losses

Full action, new angles and exclusive insights from Fabio Wibmer's team in the extended cut of Video Game.

English +1

Fabio Wibmer likes to produce edits that think out of the box, with a story narrative running through his video very much a thing. His Fabiolous Escape and Wibmer's Law edits show that common theme. His recent 2022 edit – "Video Game" – is a play on a popular action-adventure computer game and sees the Austrian-native taking in several destinations around municipal locations, where the narrative of the storyline means he must use his bike and trials riding skills for a particular situation he's in.
Shot mainly in the third person, as most video games are, "Video Game" makes the viewer feel that they're controlling Wibmer and directing him to his next destination. Watch the main edit here and watch the video above to see the extended cut of many of the tricks attempted in "Video Game."

Taking on the Dolomites

9 min

Taking on the Dolomites

Legendary trials rider Tom Oehler heads deep into the Italian Dolomites for a hair-raising ride.

English +3

Tom Oehler is a former trials competition rider of much acclaim. The Austrian is known for his inspiring performances including holding the bike high jump record of 3m from a standing start. In "Taking on the Dolomites," Oehler takes trials riding to the high mountains of the Italian mountain range, navigating some very challenging, narrow and vertigo-inducing ridgeline trails on the way. Some situations call for caution and this is where two decades of trials riding skills come into play as he shifts his bike to get around some tricky spots.


6 min

Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium

Marvel at Danny MacAskill's crazy trials skills as he takes to the gymnasium on his bike.

English +7

In his 2020 edit, "Gymnasium," Danny MacAskill gives the gym a trials makeover, turning seemingly unrideable everyday gym apparatus into literal springboards for a creative workout that has tricks aplenty. The edit features the first-ever footage of a Ghosty Frontflip among 17 never-seen-before tricks while the 360 on top of some parallel bars has to be seen to be believed.
Inspired by "Gymnasium," Japanese athlete Tomomi Nishikubo took on the sporting theme, but this time going outside to compete in the 110m hurdles, long jump, 3,000m steeplechase, high jump and 100m sprint with his two wheels for his Pentathlon Challenge edit.

In the Home Office

1 min

In the Home Office

Bored in lockdown, Fabio decides to build some tricky features all around and inside the house.


What do you do when you can't go riding and practice your skills outdoors. This was the dilemma that faced Fabio Wibmer during the enforced lockdown in 2020. Taking inspiration from everyday items in his home, household appliances and office equipment, he created his very own bike park of sorts in the actual house and garden where he lives.


5 min

Kenny Belaey's BALANCE

Incredible high altitude slackline riding on a trials bike.

Kenny Belaey is a trials athlete that likes to push the limit of what's possible. What better way to do this than riding his trials bike along an 18m-long slackline strung 112m above a gorge at an altitude of 2,700m in La Roche Fendue, France. "Balance" is a key technical skill of a trials rider and for this challenge, the Belgian had to be super-focussed to get his bike across the 5cm wide slackline from one end to the other.

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