Craig Anderson styling in his latest short film
© Craig Anderson / Kai Neville

Best Surf Videos: Top 6 surf clips you need to watch

Featuring Craig Anderson, Bobby Martinez, Mason Ho and more.
By Mimi LaMontagne
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The world of surf media is a constant stream of content - new clips, new opinions, new movies, new campaigns. It doesn't end. And when you don't have the time, or willpower, to sift through the rubbish then you don't find the gold. Lucky for you, though, Red Bull has taken the time to do it for you.
Check back here find the six best surf clips from each month. Trust us... they're worth your time.

1. Craig Anderson's new short film, "The Quieter You Are, The More You Can Hear"

Craig Anderson and Kai Neville... two of the most creative styles in our sport coming together to create a short film, nearly two years in the making. Need we say more? Take the time, watch and enjoy.

2. Cape Fear Shipstern Bluff highlights and wipeout reel

In 2019 Red Bull Cape Fear made a bold move to Shipstern Bluff... and the risk was worth the reward. Here are the biggest moments of a day that will go down in surfing history.
Watch the highlights here:

2 min

Highlights from Shipstern Bluff

Check out the insane big wave surfing from Red Bull Cape Fear's new location at Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania.


Watch the wipeouts here:

1 min

Best wipeouts from Red Bull Cape Fear 2019

Catch all the carnage that Shipstern Bluff had to offer.

3. Matt Meola's at Waco, Texas, set to his Old Town Road Parody

Matt Meola is a very unique man. An introvert on land, he really lets his personality - and talent - shine through in the water. He lets his surfing do the talking. And this clip? Well, it says a lot.

4. No Contest from Western Australia and Keramas

No Contest is the series that takes you behind the scenes and out of the event site at every single World Tour stop. Featuring the world's best athletes at their most candid, No Contest immerses you in a whole other side to the WSL... a side you just can't see on the webcast.
Watch Western Australia's No Contest here:

16 min

No Contest heads to Margaret River

Stab magazine’s Ashton Goggans captures surfers hitting the best waves along the Australian coast.

English +3

And Keramas, here:

20 min

No Contest: The waves of Keramas

Ashton Goggans gives the inside look of No Contest Bali in the prime wave zone of Keramas.

English +3

5. Mason Ho's Evil Twin

Mason Ho is not normal. Where most people would look and laugh, he looks and cheers, then suits up and paddles out - where most people would kick out, he stalls and pulls deeper. And he definitely ain't afraid of rocks. In his latest edit "Evil Twin", watch as he dodges and hops his way through some of the sketchiest sections we've ever seen.

6. Josh Pomer's Majestic Surfing ft. Dane Reynolds, Bobby Martinez, John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and more

Starring Bobby Martinez, Dane Reynolds, John John Florence, Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater and Tom Curren, this new film by Josh Pomer was filmed over a five year period and is well worth your time. In Josh's own words... "Bobby Martinez style, grace and filthy, filthy backside wave surfing. Dane Sealtooth Reynolds power gauge attack combo air reverse grab magic. John John Florence is just WTF? at Pipeline style right tubes and huge air surfing hucks. Mick Fanning does not fight any sharks in this movie, but you will be amazed by his wave attack slight of hand. And Kelly Slater and Tom Curren - what more can be said?"
Stay tuned for your next update of shameless surf porn, coming soon.