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10 surfing spots in Texas to catch a wave

Ready to catch a few waves in Texas? You don't want to miss these surf spots.
By Red Bull Editorial Team
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If you live in Texas and are looking for your next favorite spot to catch a wave, you'll be surprised to know that the Lone Star State is home to several awesome surf spots with swells that range from small to large. From Boca Chica to South Padre, this list is sure to have an option you'll love where you can catch air and maybe meet a few fellow surfers along the way.

1. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach, referred to as simply Surfside by the locals, is located in Brazoria County, Texas, and is a local favorite spot in terms of surfing. Surfside is a great surf spot because it offers a variety of waves including big swells that get even bigger when a storm is on the horizon. You'll find the best surf a half a mile or so north of the jetty and the best waves when the wind is blowing east or northeast. Be sure to check out Strictly Hardcore Surf Specialties for all of your surfing needs while at Surfside.
Best for: Beginners to experts

2. Galveston Shipping Channel

If you've ever seen the movie "Step Into Liquid" by Dana Down, you may remember the scene where a few surfers are riding impressively long waves in the Galveston Shipping Channel thanks to the wakes created by supertankers. Believe it or not, this is something you can actually do in Texas. Tanker Surf Charters is a company that will take you and your friends to surf the supertanker waves on a full-day charter. While on the pricey side, the waves you'll catch in the Galveston Shipping Channel just may be the best ones in Texas.
Best for: Experienced surfers

3. Matagorda

Considered to be a true "locals only" surf spot, Matagorda is a great place to catch strong waves thanks to the deep ocean floor that rapidly ascends to sandbars. Located between Galveston and Port Aransas, Matagorda has mostly rivermouth waves with both right and left swell directions. The normal length for waves here is 50 to 150 meters and the best tide position for surfing is mid- to high-rise.
Best for: Experienced surfers

4. Corpus Christi

There are a bunch of surf spots to choose from in and around Corpus Christi, including the Fish Pass Jetties. These jetties provide protection from current in nearly any swell direction and offer fast takeoffs and excellent wave shape. All tides produce decent swells here, and the length of the waves on a good day is anywhere from 150 to 300 meters. Stop by Wind & Wave Watersports for the latest in surfboards and beachwear.
Best for: Beginners to experts

5. Boca Chica

Boca Chica offers super long lefts with excellent glassiness. The best swells at this location come with the north winds, and barreling waves are pretty common. Breakwater and jetty waves are the most frequently seen surfs, and the waves are powerful and long (between 150 and 300 meters). The crowd is pretty mellow and the beach is rarely packed. There are some serious rips and undertow here, as well as the occasional shark, so keep your eyes peeled while catching a wave at Boca Chica.
Best for: Experienced surfers

6. Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach is a great location to catch some ripping waves that may even turn into getting tubed now and again. Not too far from Galveston, Jamaica Beach offers a sandy bottom with beach-break waves and swells that come from the right and left. All tides provide excellent surf conditions and the overall wave here is hollow, fast, and fun.
Best for: Experienced surfers

7. South Padre Island

South Padre Island is one of the most-loved surf spots by Texan surfers and offers unique waves for this region of the country. Thanks to the continental shelf that drops quickly and steeply, you can enjoy beach-break waves that are both long and short and that have a swell direction of both left and right. Check out Island Native Surf Shop for a swell report and all of your surf necessities while on South Padre Island.
Best for: Beginners to experts

8. Quintana

Quintana is the hot spot when the swell gets to be too big over on the south side of Surfside. Quintana will give you both left and right waves that are as speedy as they are fun. The best wind directions for catching waves here are northwest, west, and southwest, while all tides will produce great waves.
Best for: Beginners to experts

9. Mansfield Jetty

If you're looking for a truly remote surf spot, grab your four-wheeler and a tent and head out to Mansfield Jetty. Here you can enjoy a most-likely empty beach with long waves that'll come from the right and left. Wave frequency is pretty consistent, and the primary wave type at Mansfield Jetty is beach-break. Beware of rocks and rips as well as the occasional shark.
Best for: Experienced surfers

10. Bob Hall Pier

If you cross the JFK Causeway from Corpus Christi, you'll run into Bob Hall Pier, officially part of Padre Balli Beach Park. This surf spot offers much faster and more hollow waves than other areas and is a great place to use your shortboard. Enjoy left and right waves that are primarily beach-break.
Best for: Beginners to experts
Whether you're a new surfer ready to try your hand at some bigger waves or you're a seasoned pro looking for you're next favorite Texan surf spot, this list is sure to have something for everyone.