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Stomp the fastest lines with these Bike Unchained 2 tips

Bike Unchained 2 has just hit iOS and Android, and here’s how you can get an edge on the competition.
By Jamie Stevenson
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Bike Unchained 2 is one of the most realistic mountain bike gaming experiences around, and riders eager to get stuck in will want to know just how they can ride in style and get that crucial edge over the competition. Thankfully, we’ve got tips to help you do just that, and shred some of the gnarliest trails in the world.

1. For beginners, maximise rewards and know your mode

As a new rider, it’s important to claim your rewards. Initially, the focus should be on ranked races, as they‘ll give out the most rewards in the quickest time, with each ranked race resulting in a reward. For the bigger gains, any rider that gets promoted to the next league will receive a huge prize.
Playing all the available modes will also keep you getting rewards that’ll help you update your bike; same goes for mentor challenges and season mode goals, which will refresh each time you complete one. To get the edge, get your rewards.
And for newbies hitting the trails for the first time, it may be tempting to always catch massive air. However, this is great for Slopestyle, but can slow you down in Downhill races. Try to minimise the time you spend in the air when racing, and always land your jumps on the downhill.
And that’s not the only difference between Downhill and Slopestyle – you’ll actually want to use different bikes for each mode. Try building up a Slopestyle bike in the bike editor, and you’ll automatically have it available when you enter a Slopestyle competition.

2. Timing is everything with one-hand controls

Bike Unchained 2 has been completely redesigned with portrait orientation mode, which allows for one-hand gameplay. So how will this impact on your runs? With simple one-hand controls you’ll be making tons of decisions in each run: when to pump and when to coast, when to send it off a jump and when to scrub for speed, when to pedal and when to land your jumps. Learning the key moment to do each of these things will be what makes you the champ.

3. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade

One of the great joys of Bike Unchained 2 is upgrading your bike so that it’s as powerful as possible. So, don’t always concentrate on buying the next part – instead, you should upgrade when you can. Upgrading parts and frames can make them much more powerful and help you lower your times. A 1-Star part, for example, can be faster than a 3-Star part if it’s been upgraded enough.
Another tip to optimise upgrading for your bike, is to understand that bike builds with the same rating can have very different stats, so it’s always worth swapping them out to see what works best on different trails.
Also, there’s a special Slopestyle attribute for bikes that tells you how well they’ll handle tricks. Maximise that stat for your Slopestyle bikes, and pull off some gnarly tricks.

4. Make the most of the mentors

In Bike Unchained 2, to get to the very top, you’re going to need some help. Thankfully, some of the world’s best riders serve as in-game mentors, setting challenges and inspiring you to make that ascent to the top of the game. Not only that, but they’ll teach players new tricks to use in Slopestyle and Skills to make them faster in races. Some mentors will also unlock special parts and frames that players can use to get an edge.
Having your mentors levelled up is very important part of the game. They’ll teach you abilities that make you faster rider and also unlock some of the fastest bikes and raddest gear to wear. With a number of in-game mentors, from Aaron Gwin to Tahnée Seagrave and Thomas Genon, it’s up to you to make the most of this wealth of MTB talent.
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Practice makes perfect in Bike Unchained 2

5. For every track, practice makes perfect

With an array of real-life tracks to master, it may be hard to get to grips with them straight away. It’s important to remember that every track is different, with individual points that will make a real difference to your time. Only playing them through and learning those by heart is the way to keep winning.
As for particularly tricky tracks, Rock Bottom is a difficult one that opens with a section of doubles. Slower riders might not be able to clear them, but once you can, you’ll see seconds come off your time there, while Sailor’s Delight has a big gap at the end that can catch riders who aren’t paying attention and ruin your race.

6. Plan your pumps to build momentum

Keeping up your momentum when mountain biking is easier said than done. The temptation is to constantly pump in order to get that speed up, but this would be a mistake. Instead, make sure not to pump on the uphills, as it will slow the bike down dramatically. Start pumping at the top of a peak instead of waiting to be on the downhill, so that you can get the most out of each downhill by starting your pump a little earlier. Essentially, you should learn the tracks and those strategic rock gardens and places where not to pump.
To keep momentum, landing on downhills will help you keep speed after going off a jump, and remember that if you land on a flat or uphill section of the trail, you’ll lose speed.

7. There’s strategy to performing tricks. Learn it.

In Slopestyle, performing tricks requires strategy – where a player needs to learn and figure out which tricks are best suited for each jump of the track. Tricks not only look different but can require different attributes from the bike to be pulled off perfectly.
You can pull off bigger tricks by building up excess speed from a smaller trick earlier. So, if you have a huge trick you want to get in, set it up with some smaller tricks before it, and try to land as early as possible. Just make sure you finish your trick first, otherwise you’ll see some ugly crashes.
You should also equip trick-based abilities for your Slopestyle run, like 'Trick Booster', which will help you fill your trick meter and pull off bigger tricks. Finally, the longer the lead-up to the jump, the bigger the trick you can pull off. When planning your tricks, you can see the distance between jumps and determine if you can go for a bigger trick.
Bike Unchained 2 is out now on iOS and Android.

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