Bunny FuFuu and Rush Agree to Terms with Cloud9

Rush comes on as new jungler, while Bunny FuFuu will be splitting time with Hai in the support role.
By Taylor Cocke
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Bunny FuFuu and Rush
Bunny FuFuu and Rush
With League of Legends' offseason in full swing, teams are making big changes to their rosters, and Cloud9 is no exception.
Following Meteos’ voluntary departure from the jungle slot during the 2015 summer split, C9 brought in retired mid laner Hai to fill the role. But now, with the benefit of time on their hands, they’ve been able to figure out exactly what they need to compete at the highest level in the North American LCS - and perhaps, the world.

Enter Bunny FuFuu and Rush

The latter came up through Korean solo queue and onto the NA LCS stage, making a name for himself as a high threat carry jungler. However, his former squad Team Impulse wasn’t able to find their way to the 2015 World Championship. Now, as the new jungler for Cloud9, he’s looking to make a run at the NA LCS title.
“I want to win in NA at least once,” he said. “My goal is to win both the spring and summer split with Cloud9.“
As for how to do that, Rush has a few ideas. He says, “C9 has given their junglers the most resources, unlike other teams that make their jungler more supportive. On C9, Meteos and Hai were pretty farm-centric. I thought in Cloud9, I can still do my own plays, not the supportive type.”
“I like flexibility in what I can pick or my playstyle. I can farm until late game and play as well as other carries.”
Bunny FuFuu’s situation, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. He’ll be splitting time with Hai - who has taken to the support role for the time being - in scrims. Cloud9 management says that Hai is the official starter for now, but things could change in the future as Bunny gets more settled into the team atmosphere.
Bunny says that the choice to join Cloud9 was easy, despite the fact that he’s not guaranteed to start. “The organization is obviously one of the best to work for. The fanbase and the whole infrastructure,” he says. “Probably the hardest thing for players is managing your stress levels, and I think what [Cloud9] has set up here and how easy everything is really well set up for the players to have it as easy as possible.”
Not only that, he believes the transition will be easy. “I think it’s good for me, because I already know the guys. I’m not brand new, walking in, and trying to become friends with them. We’re already friends. Now we just have to mesh in our playstyles.”
As for playing with Rush, he says, “I like the aggressive, risky playstyle. I think it’ll be fun playing with that again.”
It’s a very interesting time in Cloud9’s history, so we’re excited to see exactly how the team comes together, assuming Riot approves the acquisitions.
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