Dave Swift captures professional skateboarder CJ Collins in mid-action.
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CJ Collins on next generation of skateboarders, "It's like a video game"

Check out CJ's newest skate video and find out what he thinks of the new generation of professional skateboarders.
By Josh Henderson
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Red Bull TV is about to blow your mind with the latest CJ Collins video part entitled "FER DAYZ.” If you’ve seen any of this all terrain rippers past video parts you already know this one is going to be a step up. We caught up with the 17-year-old skater to find out what made this part stand out from all the rest.

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Abandoned pools, DIYs and even some street action from everyone's favourite all-terrain animal, CJ Collins.


You're only 17, but you're already sponsored by some big names. Who are you some them?
I’m sponsored by Red Bull, Volcom, Vans, Toy Machine, Bones Wheels, Independent trucks, Bronson Bearings and Black River.
You turned pro last year, what does that mean to you? Did you ever imagine that you’d be pro at a certain age?
No, I never imagined turning pro when I was fifteen. I was tripping when it happened, like “Holy crap, this isn’t real, it’s gotta be a dream.” It was actually two days before my sixteenth birthday.
Did you have any mentors that shaped you into the skater you are now?
There are a lot, Peacock (Josh Henderson), all the homies that have been in the van with me, my dad, my little sister and brother and pretty much everyone I know has shaped me into the man I am now.
CJ Collins goes pro during the US Open, Huntington Beach on August 03, 2019

CJ Collins goes pro during the US Open, Huntington Beach on August 03, 2019

© Billy Watts / Red Bull Content Pool

What do you think of the new generation of pro skateboarders?
The new generation of pros is ridiculous. Every time I look at old videos it doesn’t look like the stuff people are doing nowadays. Like they were doing kickflip front boards down a ten rail, 540 on a vert ramp or a Five-0 in a pool and now that kickflip front board is done on a twenty stair rail just insane stuff. Pro skaters nowadays are just mind-blowing, it's like a video game.
Who are some skaters you look up to and who was the first skater that inspired you?
I honestly think that the real first skater I was inspired by was Grant Taylor but I have a lot of favorites like Collin Provost, Louie Lopez... I don’t know, I could talk about my favorite skaters for like an hour—there is a whole list.
Professional skateboarder CJ Collins makes his way around in a swimming pool.

CJ Collins skating in a swimming pool

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Filming is fun, but definitely can be challenging. What is the hardest part about filming a video part?
On the last video part, the one I just got done with, the hardest thing was getting an ender. So that’s the hardest thing for me.
What about location for tricks? When you first start on a part, do you already have an idea if what you want to do? What’s the process?
For me, the way I do parts is I don’t really have anything planned. Just go to spots and get a trick. I never plan on getting a trick on the spot, I mean unless I see a photo of a spot and think “I’m going to kickflip into this or whatever.” The hardest part for me is finding good spots that no one has ever seen.
You've got to travel a bit and seen a lot of places. Where were some of your favorite locations while filming for this part?
I really loved going up north to Sacramento because there were a lot of spots. I don’t know, it’s a hard decision for me, I think everywhere I went to was sick. I’m hyped on everything.
Photo of CJ Collins skating by Dave Swift

CJ Collins

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What are some of your upcoming goals going into 2021?
Going out to more parks, possibly try and get a cover for Thrasher. I’d love to win a Park Series event, that would be awesome.
What is your best van story?
I don’t know if it is appropriate for this interview. Nah, just kidding. Probably today when I took Gavin’s (Botger) phone and prank called all his friends and pretending to be him. That was pretty funny.
How do you stay motivated to grow as a skater?
I just keep slappying (Slapping) curbs... Ha, just kidding. I don’t know, I just love skating so much that I’m always motivated. It’s like if someone loves doodling on notebooks, that’s what skating is like to me. I just go skate, it's natural to me. It’s what I do. Everyone keep shredding and stay safe. Get PYST!

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