Hai and Lemon are headed to Challenger
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Cloud9 Is Building NA Talent Through Challenger

Cloud9's new Challenger team looks to level up NA players, with help from their Spring LCS roster.
By Cass Marshall
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After countless successes in the LCS, Cloud9 is expanding to a new Challenger Team that will be participating in the upcoming Summer Split Challenger Series Open Qualifier.
“We want to develop and foster North American talent,” Hai states about the new team. In order to fulfill this goal, Cloud9 is investing some of their top talent into the core of this new roster — namely, three of the seven players that participated on the Spring Split LCS roster. Lemon, the coach of that team, is also on the Challenger roster.
"Balls, Rush, Hai and LemonNation are all investing time in the new roster as players, but their roles are currently undetermined," says Danan Flander, Cloud9 general manager. "We'll be exploring more talent in the coming days from the pool players who contact Hai."
The team is being built with the purpose of finding the next great North American rookies, and bringing them up to a professional level.
“I personally feel like there are a lot of good players in North America,” Hai says, citing Dardoch, the Rookie of the Split and his fellow rookies on Liquid. “I’m better at teaching by playing, so I will be playing with them and teaching them how to play.”
Further information regarding Cloud9’s LCS lineup will be released in the coming weeks.
This will not be the team’s first attempt at the Challenger circuit; the organization has previously launched Cloud9 Tempest and Cloud9 Challenger, with varying degrees of success. This experience, combined with two veterans on the roster, means that this Challenger team will be a major game changer for the North American Challenger circuit.
Hai has encouraged NA players to email him about joining the team (although players currently under contract should be sure to check with their managers.). Players who make the cut will be sorted into open 5v5s for further testing.
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