Feast on Food and MTB Trails With a Top Chef

© Andrew Kornylak/Red Bull Content Pool
By Anthony Sansotta
Follow along as Pittsburgh chef Justin Severino and his crew eat and ride like kings on the East Coast.
Mountain bikes provide different experiences for everyone. From racers to athletes who use them as cross-training for other sports, to the nine-to-five desk jockey that just enjoys getting out and sweating their way down a trail. They all share one thing: Their love of bicycles and the camaraderie that comes with it.
For Pittsburgh restaurant owner and chef, Justin Severino, mountain biking has become a way to step away from the day-to-day stresses of life and have a good time with friends. The crew has assembled and loaded up in an RV for 10-15 trips, this trip marking the fifth official “Bike Bro Mountain Bike Trip.” What sets this trip apart from millions of other enthusiast-driven adventures? The food.
Severino owns two restaurants in Pittsburgh, Cure and Morcilla, both known for a selection of cured meats. “The cured meat cooler at Morcilla, that’s my happy place.” Severino says. Naturally, the over-arching theme of the trip’s menu is always a solid selection of meat. With around 90 ounces of steak, four hunks of tri-tip, slabs of bacon and 50 sausages, the crew ate like kings when they were on the road.
Like many who have been bit by the mountain bike bug, the community that comes with the territory keeps Severino going. The bonus? His passion for cooking for friends over an open fire fits right into the fold. Follow along in the video above as Severino and friends cook up a storm and shred some of the best trails the East Coast has to offer.
Check out the blooper reel from the road trip below: