The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing riders training ahead of the Dakar Rally
© Marcin Kin
Rally Raid

Ready for an adventure? Choose your own Dakar Rally experience right here

Here's your chance to discover just how hard the Dakar Rally really is by navigating your way through this virtual race.
By Josh Sampiero
1 min readPublished on
Warning: you're probably not going to beat this game right off the bat, but don't worry, nobody beats the Dakar Rally at their first shot. It's one of the world’s hardest races for a few good reasons, but here's the most important two:
First, it's really long (up to 14 days) and, second, you don’t actually know where you’re going till you get there. While navigating using a roadbook may be the unique thing about cross country endurance racing (also known as rally raid), there's constant decisions to make.
The choose-your-own-adventure quiz below will take you through a few of them, but be warned, we didn’t make it easy. Then again, neither is the Dakar Rally. How many tries will it take you?