The Armored Spider from Demon's Souls

Five Visually Striking Boss Battles in Demon’s Souls

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Check out some of Demon's Souls most challenging and awe-inspiring enemies to inspire your Red Bull Capture Point image captures.
By Jason FanelliPublished on
Demon’s Souls is filled with terrific challenges, but the boss battles are easily the marquee matchups. These massive behemoths are a sight to behold, which is why we jumped right into Photo Mode to capture these fearsome foes before they bashed our heads in!
Because we want to show Photo Mode is all its glory (and because we love you readers so much we’re willing to take on these bosses for the perfect shot), here is our list of five of the most visually striking boss battles in Demon’s Souls that you can use to inspire your photo submissions for Red Bull Capture Point.
The Tower Knight is one of Demon's Souls most striking boss battles.
The Tower Knight from Demon's Souls

Tower Knight

The majority of the other knights we encounter in Demon’s Souls, the characters we build included, are normal-sized humans. The Tower Knight laughs at our puny stature, however, stretching to the sky itself as he readies his massive shield and prepares for battle!
Every one of his attacks hits with a flourish of blue flame, adding a bit of style to the substantial damage he’s inflicting. Try and get a few pictures in before taking on this massive foe -- he’s surprisingly photogenic.


Look, we said “visually striking,” not “visually pleasing,” so don’t get mad at us! Leechmonger is a foul creature lurking at the bottom of the Valley of Defilement’s first zone. His entire body is made up of massive blood-sucking leeches that it revels in flinging around to destroy all enemies.
Half of the difficulty in fighting this guy is trying not to gag while he writhes and flails around. While he doesn’t make for the prettiest photo subject, we have to admit he’s an interesting demon to shoot. Just to be clear, we mean “interesting” in the “oh no why does this exist” sort of way. Good luck when trying to take this guy’s picture and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Dragon God

Remember that massive dragon roaring at the end of the first Demon’s Souls remake trailer? He’s the Dragon God, and he’s an absolute terror in a game that’s pretty terrifying without him. This absolutely massive foe must be defeated in a long multi-stage battle, offering plenty of opportunities to jump into Photo Mode to grab a few cool shots. There’s no real opportunity to get in there without some danger involved, regardless of what stage you’re in, so choose your pictures wisely and capture the Dragon God in all his glory!

Storm King

If you don’t expect any marine life in your first-ever Demon’s Souls run-through, the Storm King will definitely shock you! This gigantic, flying manta ray is flanked by smaller versions of similar-looking fiends, all of them armed with crystal-like projectiles that can turn this boss fight into the blink of an eye. The Storm King is so large it replaces the sky when it flies over your head, so if you’re looking for a good angle for your snapshots we’d simply suggest looking up.
The mighty Flamelurker from Demon's Souls is one of the game's most visually impressive foes.
Demon's Soul's Flamelurker


If there’s one Demon’s Souls boss we’d recommend above the rest for some awesome Photo Mode shots, the Flamelurker is it. This fiery behemoth is fast and powerful, but his movements and the flames that dance around his body make for some astonishing pictures when taken at certain angles. Don’t let his larger frame fool you though -- he is very fast and punishing, so take extreme caution when switching to Photo Mode. If you don’t, you’ll soon find yourself resurfacing at the closest Archstone.
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