Josh Hill rips the Alta electric bike
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The Electric Pro Debut at Red Bull Straight Rhythm
Follow Josh Hill and Alta Motors breaking historic ground in pro moto in this episode of Moto Spy.
By Eli Moore
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Motocross · 8 min
Red Bull Moto Spy | Josh Hill | Straight Rhythm
Many of you reading this right now grew up around motorcycles. They are greasy, oily machines. The air filters need cleaning, the oil needs replacing, the coolant needs checking and, most importantly, the gas tank needs to be filled. But on Alta Motors's Redshift MX bike, every single one of those tedious bike maintenance practices are a thing of the past. The electric motorcycle need only be plugged in and charged, not unlike the phone and/or computer on which you are reading these words right now, and it is ready to race against any motorcycle in the world. With Josh Hill at the helm, the San Francisco-based manufacturer set out to prove to the world that electric technology is not only coming to motocross, it has arrived. The team's debut at Red Bull Straight Rhythm this year was a massive talking point coming into the race, and the Alta crew knew that the scrutinous and ruthless eyes of the motocross faithful were locked in on them at this year's race.
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