Red Bull Culture Clash NYC

Red Bull Culture Clash New York

United States

1 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

June 1, 2024



4 Parades. 4 Crews. 4 Stages. 1 Winner.

The citywide sound-off returns with a clash of the NYC parades. Inspired by Jamaican sound system culture, Red Bull Culture Clash features head-to-head performances from four crews honoring the city's most vibrant parades. Crews are given the reins to take over their own stage in each corner of the venue and face off in a four-round battle, bringing special guests, never-before-seen remixes, and once in a lifetime performances, all in an effort to outshine their competition and win over the crowd.

Papi Juice is repping the Pride March, Remezcla is repping the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Eastern Standard Times is repping Lunar New Year Parade and No Long Talk is repping the West Indian Day Parade. At Culture Clash the crowd decides who wins, get your tickets now.

*Support your crew by purchasing their custom designed shirts. Each shirt purchase gets you a code for one presale ticket, redeemable on 4/22 before tickets open up to everybody on 4/23.