Red Bull Hack the Hits

Red Bull Hack the Hits

United States

Chicago, IL, United States

October 12 – 15, 2018





Red Bull Hack the Hits challenges the boundaries of music technology by providing tomorrow’s leaders in engineering and programming the chance to create, collaborate, and learn in a unique 48 hour hackathon. Individuals will be flown to Chicago to create mind-blowing prototypes while working side-by-side with other students from around the country and today’s leaders in experimental sound. Students with a background in music theory, sound technology, and both software and hardware development are encouraged to apply.


Do I have to be a student to apply?

That’s correct. You should be a current student enrolled in a U.S. Higher education program.

What does my final project need to do?

It needs to make a sound. And that sound should be able to make music.

Do I apply as an individual or a team?

Red Bull Hack the Hits is about pushing the boundaries of music, collaborating with new people and learning new skills. You apply as an individual and before the event you will be paired with two other students to create your final team.

What’s in it for the teams to participate?

Prizes, meeting influential people in the tech & music industry - and of course - recognition amongst your classmates.

Will Red Bull cover food, lodging and transportation costs?

We've got you! We’ll cover all costs to get you to Chicago.

What about raw materials to build with? Do I have to bring or buy my own?

We’ve got you there, too. We will stock raw building materials and some specialty hardware. Also, each team will be given a materials stipend to use at your discretion.

Does my hack have to use certain software or hardware?

No, your final project and the materials you incorporate are completely up to you and your team.

Can my friends come?

Absolutely! At the end of the event we will host a public show and tell party. Invite all your friends to see what you’ve created!

Can I bring a prototype?

No, you can have a rough idea of what you want to build. However, everything must be clearly created onsite during the competition window.

Should I bring anything else?

We will have plenty of tools (large and small) and materials. We will be circulating a full list before the event. However, you’re welcome to bring your favorite hand tools - especially your lucky soldering iron.