Red Bull Homestretch 2021

May 13 – June 10, 2021
United StatesLivestreaming on Twitch and Youtube, United States

Competitors will suit up in their best uniforms (racecar pajamas, that is) and start their virtual engines as Red Bull Homestretch returns for three livestream events. This spirited form of virtual racing will be played using Gran Turismo Sport (Rated E with Use of Alcohol and Tobacco) and livestreamed exclusively on (Digital Copy of Gran Turismo Sport provided courtesy of PlayStation®). The roster will follow suit from last year, with each event playfully pitting a rotating roster of 10 drivers of varying skill levels and expertise against each other. Once again, driver banter and trash talking are not only allowed but are strongly encouraged. And the drivers won’t be the only ones that can get in on the action this year, as viewers will have more influence than ever before with the ability to vote on racetracks and cheer on their favorite drivers.