Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five

4 locations, Texas

August 28 – September 25, 2021
United StatesTexas, United States

Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five is a five-a-side tournament that is a fast, technical and fun competition, played in countries on six continents.This Qualifier will be held at Free Kick Soccer in Orlando, FL.

The rules? Simple. Each match lasts 10 action-packed minutes, there’s no goalkeeper and whenever a team scores, the other loses a player. You need to outplay them all to win your ticket to the World Final in Brazil. This year’s tournament is open to teams of five to seven players ages 16 to 35. Teams can pick two veterans over 25 for their squad. In many countries more players than ever get the chance to experience the beautiful game with our women’s competition going into its second year!

In 2018, over 125.000 players from 62 countries signed up with the dream of becoming World Champions. In the end, two teams owned the courts and won the crown: the boys from Mexico and the ladies from Brazil.

Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five 2021 is going to be a blast, so gather your team now and get out there, crush the qualifiers and dominate your National Final to win a chance to face Neymar and his friends in BraziI at the World Final in Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in Praia Grande, Brazil!