Red Bull Team Brawl is back

Red Bull Team Brawl: Spring 2017

Do you love the new Journey to Un'Goro cards, but get scared you'll never see your favorites in action during pro-level play? Cue Red Bull Team Brawl. With the unique Team Sealed format creating a balance between strategy, improvisation, and teamwork, get ready for Hearthstone play like you won't see it anywhere else. Check out the first two of four teams competing below, and catch the stream on the Red Bull eSports Twitch channel noon PST, Saturday, April 15.

Tempo Storm: Andrey "reynad" Yanyuk, Haiyun "Eloise" Tang, Jeffrey "TrumpSC" Shih 

Team Goat: Haiwei "Adwcta" Wang, Yan "Merps" Gao, Rumay "Hafu" Wang

Luminosity: Keaton "Chakki" Gill, Paul "Zalae" Nemeth, Musahil "Muzzy" Islam

The PogChamps: Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang, Brian "Brian Kibler" Kibler, Julien "Cydonia" Perrault