Red Bull Rio Grande Gravel

November 13, 2021
United StatesCibolo Creek Ranch, Marfa TX, United States

Bar none, the hardest 100-mile gravel race on the planet. The brainchild of Red Bull athletes, Payson McElveen and Colin Strickland, Red Bull Rio Grande Gravel was created to push the limits of what a gravel bike can do and what a gravel race can be.

At 100-miles, the course with it’s varied surfaces, need for technical prowess, and huge elevation gains will push the limits of human endurance. Part race, part adventure, those who have the mettle to finish will truly understand what a duel among the best in the far out west means.

The 2021 Red Bull Rio Grande Gravel takes place at Cibolo Creek Ranch located approximately 30 miles south of Marfa in the Chinati Mountains. The race is approximately 100 miles long and consists of a series of loops ranging from 10-20 miles long over extremely hilly and rugged desert mountain terrain. With a base elevation of ~4400ft, riders will be tested with over 10,000 feet of climbing on the day. Click here for more.