Alex Lawton - Backside Kickflip

A Vietnam Skate Mission Delivers Two For the Road

© Marcello Guardigli

A couple spots worth the effort as "Far East Coast" sees our skateboarding vagabonds rip onward.

Having ditched the van in favor of mopeds, our crew set their sights on two final mega-spots, the Tam Ky plaza you saw in Alex Lawton’s photo in the last Thrasher and the double-bank spot in a sea of traffic which featured in Friday’s gallery from Marcello Guardigli. The journey had by this time taken the squad many hundreds of miles north up the coast from their starting point in Ho Chi Minh City.

As you might imagine, a trip this long takes its toll on the body, not least of all Maxim’s, which had already necessitated a hospital visit after a grisly rail slam. Digging deep to find the energy to match, Dennis Durrant, Daryl Dominguez, Maxim Habanec and Alex Lawton kept pace with native Vietnamese speaker Jimmy Cao until the generator was switched off after the final session.

This final edit from Nick Richards contains the results of those unique skate missions on untouched spots with a crew which came together just for this single experience. The Far East Coast tour was a first on many fronts — watch the whole trip from the start by clicking on the previous episodes below: